5 Ways to Keep Your AC Unit Running Smoothly

5 Ways to Keep Your AC Unit Running Smoothly

How do you keep your AC unit running smoothly? Although there are times when you can't avoid a total breakdown of your air conditioning unit, we've compiled five tips that should help keep repair costs low, extend the life of the unit, as well as help it run smoothly all summer long.

  1. Change the filters regularly. There are two schools of thought on the type of filter you should use. Some professionals will recommend using the lesser expensive type of filter as long as you change it every 30 days religiously with the admonition that using the thicker, more expensive filters makes the motor on the AC unit work harder and perhaps require maintenance more frequently. Others will tell you to use the filters you want to use, especially when air quality is most important. The choice is ultimately yours but it is imperative that you change the filters every 30 days, even when the filter doesn't "look" dirty.
  2. Create shade for your outdoor unit. Shade can be created using tall hedges or trees or even a tall fenced area. Don't plant or build too close to the AC unit - leave "breathing" space for the unit as well as space for a person to access the unit for air conditioning repairs or maintenance. The hotter the unit gets, the harder it works. Shading the AC unit will make it run more effectively.
  3. Keep the temperature on the thermostat at the highest comfortable level for economic reasons as well as to prevent the unit from working overtime. 75 degrees is not too warm if you're lounging around watching TV. Cold air is heavier than warm air and lies close to the floor so keep interior doors to the basement closed.
  4. For the best in energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and less work for your AC Unit:
    1. Consider swapping incandescent light bulbs for the newer CFL bulbs which are more energy efficient and don't put off heat the way incandescent bulbs do. Use CFL bulbs to replace overhead interior flood lights, drop lighting, sunken can lights, and lamp bulbs for the greatest efficiency;
    2. If the windows in your home aren't tinted - and you have no plans to have them tinted - consider the purchase of energy efficient drapes with the reflective backing, shades, or blinds to prevent the sun's rays from keeping your home's interior overly warm;
    3. Consider having a programmable thermostat installed. The thermostat will dial up the inside temps while you're away at work then dial it down to your favorite setting before you arrive home.
  5. Have your AC unit maintained regularly. Regular preventative maintenance by a qualified professional, such as the technicians at CCAC, will help catch potential breakdowns before they can happen so that you're never without your AC all summer long.

Contact the AC installation and maintenance professionals at CCAC to discuss our preventative maintenance agreements or for emergency repairs when you need them most.

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