Ways to Save on Your Winter Energy Bill

Cold weather is coming so we're providing you with a list of ways to help you save on your winter energy bill.

  1. Heating
  2. Save on your winter energy bill
    1. Have us install a programmable thermostat. You can program the thermostat at night and when no one is home so that the furnace runs less. Lowering the thermostat by 1 ° can reduce energy consumption by 3% while lowering it 10 ° can reduce your energy consumption by 10% to 20%.
    2. Change out the furnace filters every 30 days. Be sure to write the date of replacement on the cover so that you know when it's time (or past time) to change the filter again.
    3. Wear socks or slippers, sweaters or sweatshirts indoors and try to stay active until bedtime. You'll feel warm and not miss the reduction in the temperature.
    4. Use humidifiers. Dry air feels cooler (think air conditioning or the absence of humidity) so moist air feels warmer. Humidifers will also prevent your nose and throat from feeling so parched when you wake up.
  3. Insulation
    1. Install foam gaskets behind the switch plates and electrical outlets on exterior walls in your home. These are available in most hardware and big-box department stores (Lowes, Walmart, and K-mart).
    2. Insulate around those fold-down attic stairs, too. Warm air rises and you don't want any of it escaping through the ceiling.
    3. If you've been waiting on a cool weekend to insulate your attic, that time has come.
    4. Switch out those lightweight curtains for insulated or foam-backed drapes. Leave them open during the daylight hours to allow the sunshine to warm the room then close them at night to keep the warm air warm.
    5. Weatherstrip and caulk around windows and exterior doors. If you live in an older home with wood-paned windows, a layer of plastic around the interior of each window can help save heat.
    6. Close doors to unused room that are less than 100 square feet (unless the thermostat is in there).
    7. If your water heater is 5 or more years old, wrap it with a water heater blanket. Insulate the pipes running from the water heater to the house while you're at it.
    8. If you have an attached garage, weatherstrip it, too, and keep it closed as much as possible.
  4. Miscellaneous
    1. Replace broken window panes.
    2. Insulate the attic.
    3. Close the vents around the foundation of the house.
    4. Seal any exposed ductwork.
    5. Don't use a fireplace as your secondary heating system: The fire sucks warm air out of your house and pushes it out the chimney causing the furnace to kick on and work harder. Check the draft on your fireplace and keep it closed when not in use. Replace it if it hangs.

Last but not least, contact us for HVAC service or repair while the weather is still tolerably cool. The last thing you want is for it to quit working in the middle of a cold winter's night.

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