Maintain Your Electrical in your home to ensure safety.   Central Carolina Air Conditioning Plumbing and Electrical will assist you will all your Electrical Needs!  


     Infra-Red Scan
We scan the panel and throughout the home looking for hot spots in the electrical system. It may seem that everything is working ok, but we can sometimes find a breaker or outlet that is overheating internally for one reason or another. Electrical situations are one of the largest causes of fires and this preventative step could save you.
    Tighten All Panel Connections
Believe it or not, panel connections tend to loosen up over time. Another source of heat or arcing – we’ll make sure everything is snug. There have been times we’ve gotten an additional full turn on a connection!

Smoke/CO Detectors
Consumer Reports says the life expectancy of a smoke detector is 10 years. Carbon monoxide detectors can be anywhere from 3-7 years (source: Kidde). We’ll check these devices and change the batteries if needed and make sure they are compliant.


Load Balancing
We’ll check your breaker panel to ensure your home’s load is properly disbursed. Too much load on one side can cause higher power bills and excessive heat. We’ll test and see where you stand.


    Test Ground Fault Outlets
Those outlets with the “test” button are there for a reason – to ensure your safety near water and other hazards. We’ll check them to be sure they function properly.

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 Have an Electrical Problem? 

     We can give you a free evaluation with the $25.00 five-point inspection.   Our certified Electricians are the best at their craft.  You can count on Central Carolina Air Conditioning Pluming & Electric to give your home the respect it deserves.

Convert Your fluorescent lighting fixture to LED technology

 Want to change one or more fixtures to the new LED technology?  We can make that happen!  Only $99.00 Per fixture you need changed.    With the new LED lighting you will save on energy cost and have a room or area lit that is easy on the eyes and great for Reading or dwelling in your living area.