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frayed ropeTaking Care of Yourself during the Holiday Rush

With all of the gifts to purchase and wrap, décor to set up, parties, celebrations , and time with close family and friends, it can be easy to find yourself frazzled and weary at the end of the day during the holiday season. Take a moment to do something nice for yourself. You may find that as your energy begins to fade doing a little something for yourself will give you enough energy to get those last few items crossed off your to-do list.

While a day at the spa may be exactly what the doctor ordered, you can find a little peace in some very simple things. Here are a few suggestions for how you can sneak in just a little ‘me’ time during the busy holiday season:

  • Take a leisurely bath with a beverage of your choice. Make it extra indulgent by lighting candles, playing soft music and including your favorite bubble bath or bath salts.
  • Download a meditation app on your smartphone and listen to it at night before bed. Meditation apps are available to help you sleep, reduce your worries, even help with time management. Many are even free!
  • Consider hiring someone to help with the cooking or cleaning. Think outside the box for this one. You don’t have to hire a professional cleaner or chef, consider paying neighborhood teens to help you clean out the garage, dust, vacuum, bake or set up décor. You will be providing them with an opportunity to earn money while learning important life skills. It will also help you check items off your to-do list.
  • Consider purchasing ready-to-bake meals to ease the burden of preparing dinner each night. These meals are available from many restaurants if you call in advance.
  • Partner with a friend to give each other a break. If you hate to wrap presents but love to bake, find a friend that loves to wrap presents and let them wrap yours while you bake cookies and cakes for you both.
  • Let it go! The holiday season is really about the joy that comes from our faith, family and friends. If it isn’t important, just let it go. No one will remember the cranberries on the kitchen ceiling from the blender accident. They will remember the warmth and kindness that you showed them during their first Christmas in a new town.

Don’t forget to nominate your hero for our “Heat for Heroes” campaign. We are giving away 100 ceramic heaters to heroes in our community in need throughout the month of December to honor those who have served our community.

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