Christmas Tree Safety


christmas wishesThe sight of a Christmas tree in your home can bring fond memories and a feeling of happiness and excitement. With this piece of holiday decor, though, comes the potential for hazards. Below are a few tips to help make your holiday a safe one:

  • When shopping for a natural tree, look for a tree with vibrant needles that don’t break easily and are hard to pluck. You’ll want one that looks hydrated and the trunk should have sticky sap. All of this means the tree will be less of a fire hazard.
  • Wait to buy your tree if you can —those that are cut early in the season are more likely to dry up before the holiday season is over!
  • Make sure your tree stand can hold plenty of water—preferably at least one gallon. Cut two inches from the base before putting the trunk in, and make sure to water daily.
  • If you take the artificial tree route, choose one that is tested and labeled as fire resistant.
  • Electrical ornaments and lights should not be used on artificial trees that have metallic leaves or branch coverings.
  • Make sure your tree is at least 3 feet away from sources of heat such as fireplaces, candles, heat vents or space heaters.
  • Don’t use lit candles on the tree.
  • Don’t use any strings of lights that have broken cords or any loose bulb connections.
  • Don’t connect any strings of lights that are not supposed to be connected together.
  • Only use lights that are specifically made for indoor use and check that the lights have been tested by a qualified laboratory.

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