Common Plumbing Mistakes


drainYour whole plumbing system is a major part of your home and needs to be taken care of properly or you can face some expensive repairs and replacements. Luckily, if your system is already in good shape, it’s easy to keep everything in good shape. Below are some common mistakes and what you can do instead:

Regularly clean out your drain traps. Poor drainage — especially clogging — can be a hassle and is not good for your pipes. Be cautious, though, not to overdo it when it comes to chemicals you pour down the drain, especially if you have a septic system. Drain snakes can also be also helpful.

Grease, paint and any construction materials down the sink are big “no-no’s”. Let the grease cool, then pour it into a jar or can and throw it away. As for paint and construction materials, use the proper disposal protocol in your area. Usually there is a specific place to take these materials so that you’re protecting your plumbing and the environment.

Don’t overload the garbage disposal or put things down it that should not be. This would include items such as old rice, coffee grounds or melon rinds.

Use your faucet handles with care. Twisting and pulling on them because there is a drip you’re trying to shut off is not the way to go. This will strip the washers and make things worse. Furthermore, if you’re doing your own plumbing work, don’t over tighten the parts.

If you need plumbing work done by a professional, get it done sooner rather than later. Not only can problems get worse, but also mold can grow if things are leaky.

Don’t turn on a water heater too soon. If you install a new water heater, let it fill completely before turning it on so you don’t burn it up.

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