Does your Shower have Low Water Pressure?

Does your Shower have Low Water Pressure?

Many of us start our daily routine by taking a shower to wake-up and prepare for the rest of the day. Water pressure will vary a little bit per shower, but if your water pressure is too low, then you may want to consider having this fixed. Low water pressure isn’t always the result of faulty pipes or an old house. Sometimes there is a fix to low water pressure that can easily be resolved. We’ll go over a few of the potential causes that could be contributing to low water pressure in your shower.


  • It’s typically recommended to evaluate your shower head first if you’re having problems with low water pressure. Shower heads are often designed to limit the amount of water per minute that’s being used. They are created this way to conserve water, which is a good thing. However, sometimes shower heads are created to conserve too much to the point that the water pressure is too low, and not serving its purpose. You can solve the problem if it’s coming from the shower head, by replacing it with a new one. Shower heads are typically inexpensive. If you still find that the water pressure is too low, look for the washer inside the shower head. Use a drill to widen it until there is an adequate amount of water flow coming from your shower head.


  • It’s also possible that low water pressure is coming from faulty pipes. Depending on the age of your home, your home may have been built with older pipes. Some of the older homes have been built with galvanized pipes. They are coated in molten-zinc, which tends to corrode and cause leaks. These galvanized pipes can leak water before it even gets to your shower head, which then causes the low water pressure. Homes that are built today do not use these pipes because of their tendency to corrode. The zinc in the pipes can also fall off during the process of corrosion, and can build up over time, blocking the proper water flow through your pipes. The fix to this problem isn’t as simple as replacing a shower head. You’ll want to call a professional to come out and check out your pipes to assess the best way to fix them.


  • Sometimes the low water pressure can simply be the result of clogged pipes that can be fixed with drain solution or a snake. Try unscrewing the shower head and looking to see if there is any noticeable clog. You can also try using a tool to reach in and see if there is anything blocking the water flow that can be easily pulled out.

When dealing with any maintenance or repairs, it’s always safest and best to call a professional. Not only can a professional do the maintenance or repair work, but they also provide peace of mind for you knowing it’s done the right way! Call Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical to check or fix you’re the water pressure in your shower head. While we’re out there, we can also check for any money wasting leaks! Our services also include   maintaining and/or fixing water heaters, drain pipes, exposed hot and cold water lines and ventilation systems!

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