Energy Savings for the Summer

Energy Savings for the Summer

Ready to save on energy costs this summer? Out of all the utility expenses, air conditioning accounts for most of the bill during the summer time. There are a few ways that you can still keep a comfortable temperature in your home and also cut down on your energy bill at the same time. A few of these options will require you to put money down up front as an investment. You could also opt for some of the money saving tips that require a little sacrifice or dedication on your part.

Tips for Saving Energy:

  • Change your filters on a regular basis. Your HVAC filter should be changed on time, otherwise it will cause your unit to run much harder. You can also call a professional to change these filters while providing routine maintenance on your unit.
  • Check all duct work and make sure that it is sealed properly. There are multiple reasons that could cause your duct work to be leaking precious air. If it was improperly installed, or if the duct work is old, or if there’s corrosion, these could all contribute to leaks in the duct work.
  • Make sure that all drafts are sealed. It’s more noticeable to feel the cold drafts in your home, but those drafty areas also can let in the hot air during summertime. It’s a good idea to check all the weather stripping in your home and make sure that none of it is cracked. The weather stripping helps create the thermal envelope of your home!
  • Clean your compressor on a regular basis. The compressor is made to be outdoors. However, it can still get clogged with dirt, leaves and other outdoor particles that can slow it down and prevent it from running efficiently.
  • Clean your air vents in your home – AND make sure that they aren’t being blocked by furniture! Even if you change your vents on a monthly basis, but there is furniture blocking them, this will prevent the cool air from circulating throughout the room.
  • Consider insulating your duct work. If you have an unfinished basement or attic, the exposed ductwork could be contributing to lost air. You can have the duct work wrapped in insulation which will help with energy savings.
  • Schedule your routine maintenance on your unit. Maintenance on your air conditioning unit is the same as an oil change on your car. It’s necessary for the longevity of your system and will provide the highest levels of efficiency for your unit, and will also conserve energy in the long run!

Out of all these energy saving tips, the most significant energy saving will come from your air conditioning unit. If it is running inefficiently or breaks altogether, these summer saving tips above wouldn’t even put a dent in the cost you would have to fork up to fix it. Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical can come out and check your unit to ensure that it’s running efficiently, and we can continue to provide routine maintenance. We can also clean out your air filters, which will improve the quality of air in your home and save you money as well!


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