Freon To Be Banned in 2020

Did You Know Freon Will Be Banned in 2020?

Because of new information that has been released by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), there are upcoming changes that are important to be aware of in relation to your AC unit. You may be wondering what this even means and how it affects you. We’ll go over exactly what the EPA  discovered, and what action steps you need to take. 

Over the past couple decades, air conditioning units have been created with a refrigerant called Freon, which represents primarily two different chemicals – R-22 and HCFC-22. These chemicals, however, have been extensively researched by the EPA. HCFC-22 has been shown to cause damage to the ozone layer. As a result, air conditioning units are not allowed to be built and/or installed that use this chemical. The ban took effect in 2010.

Although  air conditioning units that use HCFC-22 will no longer be created, existing units with this chemical can still be maintained for a limited time only. Another ban will pass in January 2020 that will ban these chemicals can no longer be produced for existing units.   At this point, it’s a fair assumption to say that as existing supply dries up,  the chemical will become expensive to purchase for any unit that uses this form of Freon and eventually won’t be available. 

So, what does this mean for you if your unit is running off this chemical? Well the first step is to check and see what kind of system you have. You can find a sticker on your unit that will say which kind of refrigerant it uses. If it says “HCFC-22 or R-22”, then you know that the ban applies to your unit. It means that you still have some time to get your unit maintained with this chemical, but it will become pricier to service. At some point, the refrigerant will probably run out once they stop importing it which will force you to get a new unit all together. If you have an air conditioning unit that is running with these chemicals that are banned, it’s recommended that you replace your unit sooner rather than later.

The most significant money savings comes from your air conditioning unit. If it is running inefficiently or breaks altogether, it costs significantly more than it would to just keep it maintained. Call Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical if your unit is running off the banned chemical, and we can go over replacement options for a new unit. We can also provide routine maintenance so that you can reap the money saving benefits of having an efficient air conditioning unit! Preventative maintenance will also provide a more comfortable living conditioning because your AC unit will be running optimally.

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