Get Your Roof Winter Ready


With a few days left of 50-degree temperatures, now is the time to check your roof’s condition before harsh winter weather hits. Grab a friend or family member and some sturdy shoes and head on up.

  • If you think you have a leak and the temperatures aren’t going to be low enough to freeze, take a hose up with you and spray to find the leak. This may be time-consuming, but don’t be discouraged, it will be worth it.
  • Clean the gutters again. Plenty of leaves have fallen, so even if you’ve done this once, you may want to check it again because you won’t want to be out there in the snow and freezing cold!
  • Check for dry rot. The plywood may deteriorate if a repair is in the middle of the roof, and the roof will sag and the shingles will crack and then leak. You can prevent this with a ridge vent and soffit vent.
  • Look for proper ventilation and consider rain and ice shields, as well as a drip edge to prevent ice buildup.
  • Do not overlook the rubber boots. You may need a new one because if they dry up they will cause major leaks. To install, you may need to remove some of the shingles and put a better layer of tar underneath.
  • Check the shingles and nails — and don’t forget about the valleys which are common places for leaks.
  • Remove any overhanging tree branches in order to dry out roof mold.


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