Have you checked your Exhaust Fans Lately?

Out of all the home appliances and items to maintain, you may not give much thought to a bathroom exhaust fan. They should be on your list, however, because they serve as a home necessity. The purpose of having an exhaust fan is to eliminate any moisture from the bathrooms in your home. Not only does it help control the moisture levels, but it also removes any odors. What many people don’t know is that exhaust fans reduce the fumes that are released from cleaning agents. So they help as a safety measure to eliminate health-related issues from cleaning agents.

We’ll review some the benefits that an exhaust fan provides below:

  • Exhaust fans serve the purpose of eliminating orders in the bathroom. The exhaust fan works to draw out the odors because of the ventilation system within the exhaust fan.
  • Exhaust fans reduce airborne contaminants. Cleaning chemicals used in bathrooms typically have aggressive chemicals that are potentially problematic for health if they are inhaled. The cleaning chemicals can be especially dangerous for young children or anyone with lung conditions. If bathrooms have mold, the exhaust fan works to remove the spores buildup in the air, which slows down the growth rate of the mold.
  • They work to reduce foggy mirrors. The exhaust fans control the moisture levels in the bathrooms. They remove the water vapor that builds up on the walls and mirrors.
  • They reduce the humidity in the bathrooms which can cause serious problems. An excessive amount of humidity in bathrooms can potentially cause doors to warp or paint to peel. What’s worse is that too much humidity can cause mold in your bathrooms to accumulate over time. If left unaddressed, the mold spores can grow at a rapid pace, and they’re not easy to eliminate.

If you’re in need of a new exhaust van, we have some general recommendations that help you know what to look for. The best exhaust fans will remove moisture and odors and also be quiet. There are additional guidelines and a formula that allows you to determine which size fan is best for your bathroom.

The Home Ventilating Institute explains that ventilation rates should be based upon eight air changes every hour. The air movememt is generally measured by an acronym CFM (which stands for cubic feet per minute). What you’ll need to know for the formula is that bathrooms between 50-100 square feet have 1 CFM  per square foot of floor space. If your bathroom is smaller than 50 square feet, it’s 50 CFM. For bathrooms larger than 100 square feet, you’ll have to take into consideration each bathroom fixture that will need ventilation as well. Add on 50 CFM per bathroom fixture. Because the average bathroom size is between 50-100 square feet, the average fan will be rated between 50-110 CFM.

Did you know that cleaning your air conditioning on a regular basis will also help with noise reduction in your exhaust fans? Call Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical  to provide routine maintenance on your air conditioning unit! We can also check all your ventilation systems while we’re there. Not only will we make sure that your ventilation systems are running properly, but we can also clean out your air filters so that the air quality in your entire home will be clean and comfortable for your family to enjoy daily living!

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