Installing a Peephole by Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric


Installing a Peephole in your Door

We all know that a peephole can provide a lot of security. We teach our kids to never open the door until they know who is on the other side. But, if your front door does not have glass in it or side windows what do you do? Installing a peephole can solve this problem, and is relatively easy for most homeowners.

First, head to your local hardware store and purchase a peephole kit, along with a holesaw sized to accommodate the peephole. These circular saw bits will fit on your standard home drill. Just be sure to purchase the bit that is made to cut through the material your door is made of (metal, wood, etc.).

Follow instructions that come with the kit to install the peephole. A couple of tips to remember are to apply masking tape to the door before drilling with new blades to ensure you get a clean cut. Sandpaper can finish out the rough edges. If children or adults in wheelchairs regularly answer the door, consider installing a peephole at a height that better suits their needs.

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