Insulate Pipes to Save Money

pipe water

With winter over, the thought of insulating pipes is probably not high on your list.  Instead your attention is likely turning to how to optimize your air conditioner. But now is a great time to consider insulating pipes too!

To start, check all of your pipes for visible leaks.  In all likelihood, your pipes are already insulated with some type of insulation.  Most pipes are wrapped in a foam material that looks much like a pool noodle.  The foam material is usually slit on one side so that you can slide it off easily to look at the pipes.  If you see any visible leaks have them repaired before the leaks cause damage.

Next, look at your insulation to determine whether or not you need to replace it. If it crumbles as it comes off it is a good time to consider replacing it.  If any insulation is missing, you will want to replace that as well.  Replacement insulation can be purchased very inexpensively at most hardware stores.  Simply fit the slit tube over the pipe.  Use tape to hold the insulation in place.  The materials sold today will provide you with much better insulation than those of 20 years ago.  If you suspect asbestos insulation call a professional to check it out before you attempt to remove it or do any work.

While this is not typically the time of year that you consider replacing insulation, the investment of your time now will save you money later.  In addition, it is warmer and moving around under your home will be much easier now than in the heat of summer or the bitter cold of winter.

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