Building Your Own Outdoor Shower

Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical in North CarolinaIf you haven’t already, you’re probably planning—or at least dreaming of – your next beach vacation. How about bringing a little taste of the tropics to your home with an outdoor shower? A simple version can cost less than $1,000. Here is what you need to know to get started.

First check that an outdoor showers is allowed in your area or if you need a permit for it. Next, think about location. You’ll want a place that is not under a roof or tree and has direct sunlight for warmth as well as drying the walls and floor. You’ll also want a private area!

If you choose to install the shower right up against your house with one of the walls being your siding, keep in mind that the material may not be designed to withstand that much water. You’d want to add a waterproof membrane underneath, and also use a material such as teak or cedar.

Plan out what type of draining you’ll use.  The shower will need to drain into the household system or a French drain. If you go with a French drain, you’ll likely need to replace the gravel every few years. Obviously, you’ll want to drain away from the home and if you care about your garden, away from those plants as well, as soap can affect them.

You’ll likely want to hire a professional plumber to do the plumbing, unless you go the very simplistic route of using a garden hose as the shower head. If you do want to tackle the plumbing yourself, you’ll have to assemble the pipes, drill an opening into the floor, push the garden hose through and attach it to the threaded pipe, secure it to the wall and attach the shower fixture.

Remember, in the winter you’ll want to shut off the water valve and have the pipes blown out before temperatures drop to freezing.

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