Energy Efficiency and National Security?



This one may surprise you.  Did you know that by being energy efficient, you are actually helping national security? The past two weeks we’ve been discussing reasons you need to be energy efficient at home by maintaining your heating and air conditioning equipment.  Here are the reasons we’ve discussed so far:

1. Energy efficiency saves you money (and who doesn’t want extra money?)

2. Energy efficiency helps the economy (more jobs and less people out of work!)

3. Energy efficiency is good for the environment (lets use less natural resources!)

And today we’re going to discuss that being energy efficient actually helps national security.  Here at Central Carolina Air Conditioning we are huge patriots. We love our country and our home state of North Carolina! Our goal is to be as energy efficient as possible as well with our business and services!

By being energy efficient with our heating and air conditioning maintenance programs, we use fewer natural resources which keeps us from being as oil dependent from overseas.

Not only are we trying to be energy efficient here at Central Carolina Air Conditioning, but so is the United States military. They are working to improve the energy efficiency of our military vehicles and equipment. This allows them to invest more of our tax dollars in other defense programs.

We also need to keep our troops overseas safe by helping them be energy efficient! Our military forces need fuel for their missions and fuel tankers are largely targeted by our enemies.  Back in 2011, there were 1,100 attacks on fuel convoys according to the Alliance to Save Energy. As much as 80% of our supply to our troops is for fuel and sadly, soldiers die when our fueling convoys are hit. However, if they can use more energy efficient electric and hybrid type vehicles and other energy efficient equipment, then less fueling convoys are needed.

So we urge you to do your part! Have questions? Join us on Facebook here and post your question for Bobby! We’d love to talk to you!



What Do Lightbulbs Have to Do with Oil?

We’ve been talking recently about the many reasons to be energy efficient and maintain your heating and cooling units with a service agreement.  You can read back in our posts about ways to be energy efficient and how it saves you money and even helps the economy!

Did you know that by being energy efficient, the US has to produce or import less oil? According to the Alliance to Save Energy, we use 56% energy today than in the past. By being energy efficient, we also use less natural resources like natural gas and coal as well.

And as we consume less energy, we emit less pollutants into the environment.  This helps us stop emitting as many greenhouse gases which overtime not only hurt the ozone but also air quality as well. While scientists still debate exactly how these impact overall temperatures, we want to proactively do our part and always be mindful of energy efficiency. Using less natural resources will help generations to come so remember to switch out those old light bulbs with energy-efficient halogens, CFLs or LEDs!



Reasons to Care about Energy Efficiency


We started talking earlier this week about reasons to care about being energy efficient.  Many people talk about being energy efficient by using energy-efficient halogens, CFLs or LEDs or buying newer energy efficient appliances.  Did you know that it actually helps our economy here in America  as well?

  • By working together to be energy efficient, the American government, businesses and citizens can save nearly $500 Billion a year in unnecessary energy costs!
  • Also, energy efficient projects create jobs here at home such as building improvements and structural repairs!
  • Lawmakers making energy-efficient policies lead to breakthroughs among manufacturers innovation wise. For instance, standards that started in 2012 requiring light bulbs to be at least 25% more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs created  new lighting innovations!

By smart about being energy efficient in your own home.  Remember that maintaining your air conditioning unit prevents unnecessary repairs many times and allow better air flow to your home, cutting down on your electric bill!  Give us a call and will schedule an appointment to maintain yours next week! 336-299-3010.


Why Should You Care About Energy Efficiency?


We have talked previously about the benefits of maintaining your heating and air conditioning units.  It actually saves you money in the long run!  But did you also know other ways to be energy efficient?

  • You can actually save up to 30% on your electrical bill by buying energy star appliances
  • By utilizing energy-efficient halogens, CFLs or LEDs you save 30-80% on your energy bill as well! You could save up to $100 a year by replacing those old incandescents! Who doesn’t want an extra $100 in their pocket?
  • By washing your clothes in cold water instead of hot could save you as much as $63 a year as well!

Many of us grew up leaving the lights on all day long at home whether we were home or not.  We now know better.  Did you know that being energy efficient not only helps the environment but helps our economy as well?

Stay tuned this week as we talk more about Why You Should Care About Energy Efficiency.


CCAC also offers Plumbing & Electrical


Have you heard the good news? That Central Carolina Air Conditioning now offers Plumbing & Electrical services as well? You no longer have to call separate companies to service many of your home repairs.

And we also offer service agreements for both to save money on repairs and replacements. You can buy a plumbing agreement for $125 and we will come check more than 95 areas in your home that might have leaks or problems.  Or you can purchase a Plumbing & Electrical service contract for only $199 and have all of your electrical areas checked as well! Remember, as we have discussed previously, service contracts save you money in the long run. Be Smart About Your Money!

Service contracts help you save money and time on repairs and replacements!


Being Smart About Money


As we discussed previously, many homeowners think that you save money by not servicing your furnace or air conditioner.  Many people believe that once you install a furnace or air conditioner that you simply use it until it dies. Some think that you are wasting cash by paying for a maintenance plan that you won’t use.

The exact opposite is true.

Unlike insurance policies where you might pay for decades or warranties on appliances that you never use, purchasing a maintenance plan extends the life of your current furnace and air conditioner.

Like we said before, it’s like maintaining your car. You can read more about the similarities here.  Our service technicians come out twice a year to review and clean out your system.  Cleaning your equipment accomplishes the following:

  • Reduces monthly utility bills
  • Extends the life of your equipment
  • Improves efficiency and safety
  • Can prevent possible problems
  • Improves air quality
  • Reduces airflow restrictions in your home
  • Cleans external & internal debris from your unit
  • Offers you a peace of mind

We will explain each of the above mentioned benefits for you in upcoming posts. Also, did you know we also offer plumbing and electrical services as well?  Stay tuned!

Are you saving money?


Many people think they are saving money by not having their heating and cooling units serviced.  However, the exact opposite is true.

Cleaning your heating and cooling units twice a year is like changing your oil in your car.  Do you know why changing the oil is so vital to keeping a clean engine?  Oil in your engine lubricates the metal parts in your engine so the parts work together well.  If you don’t, the oil breaks down over time, causing the metal parts to overheat and even destroy your engine!

Similarly, by maintaining the very units that service your home, you are actually saving money and saving excessive wear and tear on your units.

Stay tuned as we’ll be sharing ways to save money and become more energy efficient in your home!