Planning & Budgeting Major Spring Projects

Spring is often a time when we want to do several home projects as well as home maintenance, especially outdoors. The fact is, this means we’ll also be making a dent in our wallets. That’s why budgeting and planning is a good idea.

So what are some of the major projects people take on and what are the costs you will likely run into? Let’s take a look:

Pressure Washing- 

  • You can buy a decent pressure washer for a few hundred bucks. Those that are gas powered typically have a higher pressure rating than those that are electric, but will cost you more—generally at least $300-$400.
  • Renting a pressure washer will cost you about $40-$80 per day, depending on the type of equipment.
  • Hiring a professional to do the job will cost less than a dollar per square foot, but that adds up fast. This can be especially pricey if you wash your driveway, deck, patio, etc. in addition to your home. Prices can start as low as about 8 cents per square foot.

Lawn Maintenance- 

  • Services including mowing, weeding, trimming and pesticide treatment typically cost about $200-$400 per year. Think about how much time you have to dedicate to this task and how good your equipment is. Many people find that the cost to hire professionals isn’t more than buying and maintaining a quality lawnmower and equipment.

Window Repair- 

  • It typically costs about $3 per square foot to replace ordinary glass. A single pane window is about $50. Costs go up depending on the type of windows, or any other additional work. Rotted wood, broken seals, old weather-stripping will all increase your costs. However, having good seals will reduce your energy bill! On average homeowners pay between $100 and $400 per year on window replacement or maintenance.

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