Smaller Mudroom Options



Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical in North CarolinaWith spring showers come muddy dogs and wet shoes. One trendy home improvement project is creating a mudroom. What can you do though, if you don’t have much space, time or money? What are some easy ways to make a small area that acts as a “mudroom”?

One of the most popular ways to create a mudroom-type area is to clear out a space in the garage. You can add sheetrock to bare walls and install hooks, and bring in a bench with outdoor fabric-covered.

If you have a hallway that isn’t used, this can be a great option. You may need to look at narrower benches, but it can make an otherwise unused area very useful. If you have a closet to spare, this can be a mudroom area. You can replace the rod with hooks and shelves.

A nook or corner of a room can also be a great space for this project. Just take a look around your home to see what might be an option.

For any of these areas, keep lighting in mind. Is this area near a window so that you’ll have natural light? Are there outlets available? An easy way to add lighting to an area that doesn’t have outlets is by adding motion-sensing LED lights. Often you don’t even need a drill—just peel and stick!

Another tip— consider an exhaust fan to help with ventilation and preventing the growth of mildew. If you aren’t comfortable installing this, hire a professional.


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