Spring Cleaning tips- change out those air filters!


Are you guilty of not changing out your air filters every month? We all get busy and forget but there’s plenty of reasons to change them out!

Your Health:

By far one of the most important reasons, your health should be your first concern and the number one reason to change your air filters. Dust, pollen, dander and possibly even smoke circulate in the air and your lungs are better off not inhaling these pollutants.

Have allergies or asthma?  Yet another good reason to change your air conditioning filters is to let your system filter out these contaminates so you have an easier time breathing this Spring! According to WebMD, both the US Environmental Agency and Lung Association recommend those with allergies and asthma to change their filters regularly.

Lower Utility Bills:

Another big reason to change your air filters is to save energy and lower your utility bills! The past few weeks we have talked a great deal about many reasons to be energy efficient.

As your filters get filled with contaminates, your air conditioning unit has to work much harder to pull air through. It uses more energy to circulate air and adjust the temperatures.  Think of it as your Air Conditioner having a hard time breathing as well!

Want help?  We change out air filters during our air conditioning tune ups. We have just a few days left to offer the $50 Duke rebate program! Give us a call at 800-461-3010 to schedule yours today before time runs out!