Sunroom Options


With warmer temperatures come dreams of a relaxing on a comfortable chair with a great book in beautiful sunroom. But before getting started on this major project, here are some things to think about so you can maintain temperature and save money on your energy bill.

First, decide on the location. Southern exposure means additional cooling could be needed on hot days, eastern means sun in the morning and shade later, western means harsher afternoon sun.

Next, consider materials. Vinyl material for the supports costs the least and don’t need much maintenance. Vinyl is also strong and insulated. Many vinyl supports have an internal reinforcement of aluminum or galvanized steel. Aluminum is more expensive and not as good an insulator as vinyl, however many homeowners use aluminum for the roof structure to provide additional strength. The most costly material for the support is wood. The benefit of wood is it easily lets you attach the screen mesh to the timbers. Wood does require some maintenance.

As for the pretty glass roof, that will cost you. Look for the U-value of the glass or polycarbonate, which is a measure of how much heat the material conducts. You’ll want to choose the lowest possible U value for the most energy-efficient space.

When looking at glass walls, they should be silicone double-sealed, A-rated, and—in order to meet building codes—will be labeled “tempered safety.”

If you can’t choose the optimal location or you want to make sure you have as many comfortable hours in the sunroom as possible, here are some additional things to look into:

-Adding operative skylights

-Putting in ceiling fans to circulate the air

-Installing exterior roof shade tracks which hold rigid exterior

-Using window treatments that can be raised and lowered

-Using a small gas wall heater for the cold months

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