The Benefits to Zoning Systems

Many homes have a typical HVAC system, however, each room in your home has different temperature needs. Tradition systems are not able to adjust for every single room in your home the way that zoning systems are able to. A zoning system allows you to heat and cool each room according to the desired temperature for that room. Depending on the structural layout of your home, a zoned system may be more ideal. For some people, a traditional unit works just fine and meets all their needs. We’ll walk through what a zoned heating and cooling system is and the potential benefits of having one.

With a zoned system, each room in your home is considered a different “zone”. These separate zones are controlled by their own thermostat. A significant benefit of having separate zones in your home is that it eliminates those hot or cold spots that typically exist with a traditional AC unit. If you have multiple levels in your home, you may need HVAC zoning.

  • People often install a zoning system to eliminate the hot and cold spots that we talked about above. Heat rises, which often creates a hotter upstairs and a cooler downstairs. The beauty of having a zone for the upstairs and the downstairs is that the thermostat will close the damper to one zone as soon as it reaches the desired temperature. When the damper closes to that one zone, it forces the air to reach the other zones, therefore creating a more even temperature in your whole home.
  • Extended liftetime for your HVAC. Having zones helps take work off your HVAC system because it reduces the extra load on the air handlers, compressors and the other equipment. It’s overall less wear and tear on your HVAC. As a result, your HVAC system will last longer than a traditional system without zones.

Lower energy bills. Because you are able to control the energy distribution for each room in your home, this can help save on your monthly energy bill. Although you can still experience energy savings with just zoned heating and cooling, you can receive even more control of the amount of heating and cooling per room by pairing a zoned system with programmable thermostats.

Zoning systems can be installed to your current HVAC system. It is an initial investment up front like most energy saving tools are, however, the benefits you receive will be on going. Zoning systems provide overall comfort to every room in your home.

The most significant money savings comes from your air conditioning unit. If it is running inefficiently or breaks altogether, it costs significantly more than it would to just keep it maintained. Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical can come out and check your unit to ensure that it’s running efficiently and provide the routine maintenance. We can also install zoning systems to your current HVAC system!


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