Updating Your Kitchen for High-End Appliances


Professional-style kitchen appliances are becoming increasingly available and popular in everyday homes. If you’re considering upgrading your kitchen by installing these types of appliances, there are some things to consider and tips to make sure it’s all done safely.

First, think about your kitchen size. Many kitchens will simply be too small for these items. You will need about three feet of space for the refrigerator, three feet of freezer space and four to five feet for a commercial-style range. Also, some of the ranges are very heavy and require a special base. Many manufacturers do offer smaller models, so check their specifications.

Consider the burners and ventilation hoods. Many high-end ranges and cooktops have burners that can exceed 20,000 BTUs and require hoods that can handle up to 1,200 CFM. This is almost 10 times the typical amount. To ensure proper ventilation, add up the total BTUs of the range burners, divide by 100, and then you’ll get the number of CFMs needed. For example, a range with a total output of 70,000 BTUs should be equipped with a hood capable of moving 700 CFMs. This will help prevent issues with heat, grease, smoke and moisture.

Houses with high-power hoods may need to install an air makeup unit to replace the air that the ventilation is removing from the home. This is because the removal of too much air can be dangerous with the use of
chimneys and furnaces.

Lastly, any customizations involving electric extensions or plumbing work is best handled by a professional if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing.

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