What Do Lightbulbs Have to Do with Oil?

We’ve been talking recently about the many reasons to be energy efficient and maintain your heating and cooling units with a service agreement.  You can read back in our posts about ways to be energy efficient and how it saves you money and even helps the economy!

Did you know that by being energy efficient, the US has to produce or import less oil? According to the Alliance to Save Energy, we use 56% energy today than in the past. By being energy efficient, we also use less natural resources like natural gas and coal as well.

And as we consume less energy, we emit less pollutants into the environment.  This helps us stop emitting as many greenhouse gases which overtime not only hurt the ozone but also air quality as well. While scientists still debate exactly how these impact overall temperatures, we want to proactively do our part and always be mindful of energy efficiency. Using less natural resources will help generations to come so remember to switch out those old light bulbs with energy-efficient halogens, CFLs or LEDs!