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Light Bulb Choices Explained

  CFL, LED, incandescent… what’s the difference between all of these types of light bulbs? And what works best for your home? In short, the most energy-efficient options are Compact Fluorescent (CFL) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs. They emit the same amount of light as incandescent bulbs but have lower… Read more »

Bathroom Makeover for Less

On average, a bathroom remodel costs about $9000, but the range can be significant. Here are some ways to update yours without spending too much. Change your sink faucet. Turn off the water supply (valves are typically under the sink). Next, turn on the faucet to relieve any water pressure.… Read more »

Winterize Your Sprinkler System

    Did you know that water can remain in your irrigation system even after you’ve drained it? If that’s the case for your system, that means it could potentially freeze and expand during the cold winter months, then crack the PVC piping. Even with the more flexible polyethylene pipe, it… Read more »

Updating Your Light Fixtures

With a new year right around the corner, many people are considering how to start fresh in the year ahead — and that includes making improvements to their home. If you’re one of them, and you’re looking for one easy way to increase ambiance and useful lighting areas without breaking… Read more »

Protect Your Pipes From Freezing

  Temperatures are dropping and along with the fun the winter can bring, this season can also bring on some big home headaches. As early as this week, temperatures are forecast to fall low enough for pipes to freeze, so now is the time to prepare. The pipes that are… Read more »

Using Space Heaters

If you’re trying to warm up a certain room, a space heater can be a great way to do that. However, the space heater’s effectiveness is dependent on you taking specific precautions while purchasing wisely so you don’t waste electricity (and money). There are a few different types of heaters that… Read more »

Maintaining Your Water Heater

  You do not want your water heater to break down at this time of year — well, any time of year really, but definitely not when you need a hot shower after a cold day! Did you know that water heaters typically last for a decade or more? If… Read more »

Hot Tubs for Cold Winter Months 

  During the cold months of winter, the idea of soaking in a steamy hot tub sounds like a dream. Getting one for your home, though, comes with some expenses and takes preparation. If you’re thinking about splurging on this big-ticket item this holiday season, here is what you should… Read more »

Updating Your Kitchen for High-End Appliances

Professional-style kitchen appliances are becoming increasingly available and popular in everyday homes. If you’re considering upgrading your kitchen by installing these types of appliances, there are some things to consider and tips to make sure it’s all done safely. First, think about your kitchen size. Many kitchens will simply be too… Read more »

Holiday Lights and Electrical Safety

Many of us are already taking out those boxes of holiday decorations or starting to shop for new décor. With all of the lights, though, come safety concerns. How can you make sure you’re lighting up your home without risking fires or electrical injuries? Before getting started, plan your displays.… Read more »