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How to Pick a Ceiling Fan

In a previous post, we talked about using ceiling fans to circulate cool air in the summer. Fans are multi-functional and offer lots of benefits, so be sure and pick a ceiling fan with the features you need. You’ll enjoy energy savings, cooler spaces, and extra light (if you choose… Read more »

Summer Home Maintenance List

Home ownership comes with many joys, but there are also a lot of responsibilities. Life can get hectic, so we’ve created a summer home maintenance list to help you knock out some chores. Maintaining your home will make it more enjoyable to live in and alleviate any problems that can… Read more »

How to lower the humidity in your home

July is an appropriate time to talk about humidity!  Those of us in North Carolina can feel the humidity every time we step outside. But what about the humidity inside your home?  The humidity level of your home has a direct effect on your health and comfort and your home’s… Read more »

Is your AC about to go out? Know the signs!

Air conditioning is one of modern life’s greatest privileges. We often don’t think about the comfort it provides, until our unit stops working. When the AC goes out, it always seems to happen suddenly (and on the hottest day of the year).  But there are usually signs and symptoms before… Read more »

Alternative Cooling Options for your Home

Summer is officially here and we’re experiencing our hottest days. Most homes have a central air conditioning unit, but you may want an additional cooling option to provide relief from the heat. There are several options available – let’s go over each cooling option below: Window AC Unit These are… Read more »

How to Seal up Air Leaks in your Home

How to Seal up Air Leaks in your Home During the hottest months of summer, you will want to stay cool and comfortable in your home. This doesn’t have to come at a high price, however. The largest energy expense typically comes from your heating and cooling bills. There are… Read more »

Going on Vacation? Check your AC Unit!

Going on Vacation? Check your AC Unit! Going on vacation soon? Check your AC unit! School is out and and summer is here in a few days! This means it’s the perfect time to take your family on vacation and spend some much needed time relaxing and recharging! You and… Read more »

Does your Shower have Low Water Pressure?

Does your Shower have Low Water Pressure? Many of us start our daily routine by taking a shower to wake-up and prepare for the rest of the day. Water pressure will vary a little bit per shower, but if your water pressure is too low, then you may want to… Read more »

Freon To Be Banned in 2020

Did You Know Freon Will Be Banned in 2020? Because of new information that has been released by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), there are upcoming changes that are important to be aware of in relation to your AC unit. You may be wondering what this even means and how… Read more »

Energy Savings for the Summer

Energy Savings for the Summer Ready to save on energy costs this summer? Out of all the utility expenses, air conditioning accounts for most of the bill during the summer time. There are a few ways that you can still keep a comfortable temperature in your home and also cut… Read more »