Kitchen Range Maintenance Tips from Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical in North CarolinaYour kitchen range is one of the major appliances in your home and can be very costly to repair or replace. These kitchen range maintenance tips will help extend its life and help keep your energy bills low by keeping it clean and checking parts periodically.

Clean … spills daily (or almost daily!) on your burner pans and coils. This can be a safety hazard. If they are blackened they will us much more energy.  Don’t forget to open the stove top and wipe underneath.

Clean … your oven vent filters with soap and water regularly. Use a scrub brush if needed but be gentle. Every year, replace activated charcoal filters that are on the fan assembly. (Stainless steel outer filters rarely need to be replaced.)

Clean ….the inside of the oven with 4 tablespoons of baking soda in a spray bottle full of water. Let it sit for at least an hour before wiping it all down. When cleaning your oven, inspect the gasket around the oven door that keeps heat inside to make sure it isn’t torn or damaged in any way, which will lead to escaped heat and thus higher bills.

Don’t forget about the self-cleaning option after cooking a meal! Afterwards, you can wipe out the ashes with a brush and then a wet rag.

Cooking efficiently will help you lower your energy bills. What does this mean? Don’t use the bigger burners for smaller pans, which can waste more than 40% of the heat. Also, use retained heat for cooking—in other words, start with higher heat, and then turn it to a lower setting. You can also try cooking multiple items in the oven at once.
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