It’s the most wonderful time of year, but with all of the festivities you bring into your home comes the potential for injury to people or damage to your home. Lights, trees, candles, décor and even all of that food cooking can be a hazard. What are some things you can do to keep it all safe?

Put your Christmas tree away from doors and areas where people will walk a lot or animals or small children can get to it. Keep it away from any sources of heat! If you have a real tree, but 2 inches from the bottom of the trunk and make sure you have a sturdy stand.

Your holiday lights may be festive, but they can also be dangerous. Turn them off before bed. One extension cord should only have up to 3 mini lights sets or 50 screw-in bulbs at the most. Do not run cords under rugs and make sure they’re in areas where people will not be walking.

Don’t place any decorations (or anything, really) near candles. Blow them out before bed.

Watch your fire in the fireplace and don’t let anything get near it. Again, make sure it is fully out before going to bed.

If you have any space heaters or a portable patio heater outside, place them out of the way. As with everything else, turn them off before bed.

Keep an eye on your cooking. It is easy to get caught up in talking, greeting guests at the door, and enjoying your glass of wine. House fires are at their peak in the winter not only because of heating mishaps, but also because of the kitchen.


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