Installing a Wine Fridge


If you’re planning to head out to the wineries this spring and stocking up on your favorite wines, you might consider a wine fridge. This will keep your wine at the ideal temperature, preserve the flavors, and help you free some space in your fridge or wet bar.

Wine refrigerators come as stand-alone units ranging in size from small to fridges the same size as a regular refrigerator. Most medium-sized wine fridges can fit under a counter. Measure the area (length, width, height, depth) where you plan to install your wine fridge. A common size is between 15 and 30 inches wide.

Ideally, you will not need to wire a new outlet for your wine fridge. See if there is space near the same outlet bay as your kitchen sink, so you can run an extension electrical cord to the outlet for your garbage disposal. Make sure to use a ground protector. Drill a hole through the cabinets for the cord, and leave a space at the back of the wine fridge so there isn’t pressure on the extension cord plug. If you do end up needing to wire a new outlet, buy and install a 110 volt outlet that is standard for most units. It is best to get a professional electrician to do this.

When you install your wine fridge, fit its mounting plates into the provided slots. Plug it in and wait a few minutes and check the temperature gauge. You’ll want about 55 degrees Fahrenheit at 70 percent humidity.

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