R22 Refrigerant - Repair or Replace Your Older AC Unit

CC Air Services Older AC Units or Can Recommend To Replace It

Maybe you’ve heard that you won’t be able to purchase Freon for your Air Conditioning system very soon and will have to purchase a new AC unit altogether. Don’t be misled by other companies trying to force homeowners to purchase a new AC unit too soon.

Central Carolina Air Conditioning will continue to carry R22 Freon and service your older air conditioning system. In fact, we want to cover your air conditioner with our Policy of Assurance Service Agreement.  We also understand that some AC repairs needed on your older cooling system aren’t cost-effective and it may be time for a new AC unit.

For a limited time, we will provide up to $2,300.00 to “buy back” your old air conditioning system.

For over 50 years, we have served the Piedmont Triad with honesty and integrity and will tell you which path is right for you.

We are ready to help!

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