If you’re planning to fire up the grill on July 4th, Labor Day or any other day this summer, make sure you don’t see fire anywhere but the grill by following some simple safety tips.

First and foremost, if you have a gas grill, check for leaks by putting a soap/water solution to the hose with a spray bottle and turning the propane on to see if bubble form. No bubbles = good. Bubbles mean that you should turn it off and check the connections. Also, check the connection points.

If you smell gas, turn off the tank and burners and get the grill serviced before using it again. If the smell continues though, call the fire department.

For charcoal grills, if you use a starter fluid, use only charcoal starter fluid. Do not use other flammable liquids. Keep charcoal fluid away from any other sources of heat.

For electric charcoal starters, you’ll likely need an extension cord as their cords are short. Keep in mind that metal parts will be very hot! Hang it up where nobody will bump into it and make sure it isn’t near anything flammable.

If the rain starts or you’re too hot, do not decide to move your grill indoors or anywhere near the house, deck or low-hanging branches.

Keep excited pets and children away from the space around the grill and always have someone watching the grill.

Always clean your grill after using it so that grease or buildup doesn’t stick.

Let coals cool completely after you are done grilling, and then dispose of them in a metal container.


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