It’s New Year’s resolution time and a great time of year to start fresh. It’s also a time when we often have a lot of stuff cluttering the house—new toys and clothes, wrapping paper, boxes and that box of items you’ve been meaning to give away.  How can you get started organizing?

First, purge. This can easily take weeks or months, but if you want to keep it simple, stick to one closet or room at a time or think about what is taking up the most space in your home and focus your efforts there. Ask yourself: have you worn/used it in the last year? If you were shopping today, would you buy this?

Install hooks in the bathrooms and bedrooms. A rod in the bathroom will only hold one towel—hooks will hold many. Hooks in the bedroom will hold hats, bags and other items. If you have room, you can install some in the closet as well.

Make each closet serve a specific purpose. It is easy for many different items to start cluttering the closets. Make things easier by choosing one closet for cleaning materials, one for blankets and towels, etc.

Shelf dividers, cubbies and thinner hangers will help you organize and save some space. See what is taking up the most space or doesn’t have a proper area and go from there.

Light up your closets. LED lights and track lighting and motion detector lights will make a big difference when you’re getting dressed on those dark mornings.

Put your holiday items away and label their containers.


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