Maybe you’re getting ready to have guests over and you’d like to spruce things up, or you’re just in the mood to make changes without shelling out a ton of money or spending all weekend on projects. If you’ve already tidied up a bit and want to do a little something more, here are some easy ways to freshen up your home.

With fall and winter coming up, you’ll need more light. Head to the store and switch out your 60-watt bulbs with 3-way bulbs so that you can soften light in a room. While you’re at it, look for energy-efficient bulbs, which will cost more but last longer and use less electricity.

Update your accessories. No, not your scarves and hats—we’re talking couch pillows and mantelpiece décor. Take a look at what you already have in your closet and then take a quick run to the store—even the dollar store has great stuff. Add some festive fall pillows and a comfy throw on your couch and get some pinecones, pumpkins, or whatever your heart desires for your mantle. This can change for each holiday or season—so have fun with it.

Frame and display your kids’ drawings. If you have kids, this is probably something you’ve thought about but never got around to doing. Spruce up a bare wall with your kids’ fantastic art. It’s sweet and will bring a smile to guests’ faces.

Clean your carpets—especially if people are staying the night in those carpeted bedrooms. If you have a carpet cleaner, this will be easy and shouldn’t take more than a few hours. If you have to rent one, it will take up a little more time and you’ll have to shell out on average about $30-$40. Don’t worry about moving large pieces of furniture such as dressers—just shampoo the areas that can be seen and that you walk on. They’ll look like new!


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