You may love your home or maybe you see some flaws, but either way, there is plenty to think about when you’re looking to sell. There are some common things that turn many buyers away that you may want to consider if you have the time and resources to make changes.

If you don’t have enough bathrooms or if they are not placed well it can be a turn off for buyers. You need an adequate number relative to the number of bedrooms and they should also be located in convenient areas of the house. You wnt at least one bathroom on every level of the house. Adding an entire bathroom can cost thousands of dollars, but it makes an impact just to put in a half bath. Also consider upgrades to existing bathrooms such as a new vanity.

Distinct décor and colors can put some people off. If you have some bright colors in your rooms or very particular styles, consider making more neutral changes. Conservative is always best.

Some “green” items can be an asset, such as “smart” technology or solar panels. However some don’t want to take on the lease for the panels or the maintenance. Some “green” items such as rain barrels or composting toilets can be a turn off to your average buyer. Think about who will likely want to buy in your neighborhood.

Other things like an awkward layout or a swimming pool may cause your home to sit on the market for longer than expected. Don’t let that deter your from buying what you like, but keep these things in mind when you are looking to sell.


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