With the coldest months of the year coming up, what can you do to prepare your home for the very low temperatures as well as winter weather?

If you didn’t do this while cleaning the gutters in the fall, trim your trees. No, we aren’t talking about decorating the Christmas tree. Any branches hanging over your house can be weighed down by ice and snow and eventually fall onto your house.

Wrap your water pipes in insulation. Freezing and expansion not only means you might not have running water, but it also means the pipes can burst from the pressure. Also, make sure you know where the water shut-off is in case of an emergency.

Check the items in your garage to make sure they’re winterized. Hoses, lawn mowers, etc. all need to be taken care of over the winter months.

Block drafts. Not only will this help your electric bill, but it will also keep you cozy. This is especially important in older homes or if you have ill-fitting frames.

If you have drafty windows but can’t afford to replace them, get an insulation kit or try caulk or weather-stripping.

Check that nothing is blocking your vents. Don’t forget the air intake vents, because if they’re blocked this can lead to expensive repairs.

Check outside the house for loose siding, shutters, etc. Tighten them up so that strong winds and ice don’t strip them off.

Reverse your ceiling fans to a clockwise rotation to help circulate the hot air near the ceiling back into the room. Most fans should have the option of switching.

Get your furnace inspected. Don’t wait until you have an emergency. Many issues can go undetected until it’s too late.


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