Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

Although you may not be able to predict and prepare for any sudden problem in your home, there are certain lengths you can and should go to that will allow you to respond quickly to these problems. Instead of having to run to the closest hardware store every time something breaks in your home, you can be prepared with a tool kit that will help fix most of the minor problems that could arise.

Drills and Bits – Buy a battery-operated drill and a variety of different sized drill bits, and you’ll be all set for multiple fix-up tasks!

Wrench set – Used to unfasten and fasten bolts, a wrench set is a necessary staple in any homeowner’s set.

Hammer – The size of the hammer head should match the size of the nails you buy with it. So a bigger hammer is best used with larger nails.

Tape Measure – This will come in handy during many situations, from measuring your windows for a new set of blinds, to checking square footage of rooms.

Utility Knife – Definitely a necessity – a utility knife will allow you to effectively open any package or box.

Pliers – Used for gripping pipes and twisting wires.

Safety Items – Anytime you perform tasks that require the tools above, it’s best to use the appropriate safety items like gloves, eye goggles, and ear plugs.

Caulking Gun – Use your caulking gun for any gaps or holes that may appear, such as windows or door frames or for filling in holes around your bathroom or shower!

Screw driver set – A variety of screw driver sizes are useful for changing air filters, electrical outlets, cover plates or adjusting furniture and fixtures.

Refer to your tool box to handle all the minor fixes needed in your home. While this tool box will have you prepared for any unexpected minor repairs, you’ll definitely need professional assistance to fix the unexpected larger repairs such as a plumbing or electrical problem. Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical will be there 24/7 to help!

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Home Maintenance Checklist for every Homeowner

Are you currently a homeowner, or about to become a homeowner? While it’s a rewarding feeling to own your own home, there are many responsibilities that come along with that accomplishment. There will be plenty of situations that will require the attention of a professional to fix. But what home maintenance tasks should you be able to fix on your own? Here are a few:


  • Cut the water supply. This may be one of the first things you learn about your home. Locate the main water valve in your home. The shut-off valve can often be found in the crawl space or basement. When a pipe unexpectedly bursts, you’ll want to go to the shut-off valve and immediately turn it off.


  • Unclog drains. Larger tasks will require calling a plumber to fix, however, you can quickly and easily unclog a sink or shower drain. Use a chemical drain cleaner such as Drano, and this will might remedy your clogged drain. There are also alternatives to a chemical cleaner. A drain snake can reach down the pipe and pull out whatever may be clogging it.


  • Reset a circuit breaker – which is most likely found in your electrical panel. If the circuit becomes overused, then the breaker trips. To turn the circuit breaker back on, you’ll have to reset it.  Locate the one breaker that is “off”, opposite from the rest of the breakers that are “on.”


  • Caulk – throughout the many years of home ownership, you will inevitably have to caulk some part of your bathtub tile or walls. Pay careful attention when completing this task so that you are allocating the proper amount of caulk while squeezing. It’s recommended that you cut the tube at the top at about ¼ inch down so that you will be able to use the perfect amount while squeezing the tube along the portion of the tile or wall that needs to be caulked.

Enjoy the satisfying feeling of maintaining your home by mastering these few home maintenance tasks. For the bigger and more dangerous requests such as faulty shut-off valves, water heater flushes, dye tests, load balancing of your breaker panel and installation services, leave it to the professionals! Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical will help with these more serious maintenance requests.

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Easy DIY Updates

Need To Update Your Home?

Are you ready for a new look and feel to your home? Maybe it’s time for a home makeover, but you don’t want to spend all that it requires to professionally remodel. There are many fun DIY  ideas that not only provide a refreshed look to your home, but many of them serve a double purpose of adding value as well. With kitchen and bath remodels, you actually add value to your home and we can help!

  • Painting can instantly make anything old and dingy feel new and beautiful. You can start by painting furniture such as chairs and tables. If you feel like repainting multiple rooms in your home, this could be a good way to brighten up each space. However, you can still accomplish a remodeled look by creating a couple accent walls. This will also save you time, energy and money as opposed to painting your whole home.
  • Adding some chair rail in rooms is easier now than ever as many home improvement stores offer stick-on options!
  • Add some art to create new dimension in your main living areas. Hang pictures or paintings that tie in with the desired theme of that room. Hanging art can also cover any eye sores of hanging cords.
  • Update your Hardware on kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Show your personality and style preference by selecting a new set of hardware to instantly give your kitchen and bathroom cabinets a more modern feel!
  • Hang a mirror in a room in your home that may be particularly small. A mirror will create the illusion that your room is bigger than it really is.

bathroom remodel

Bathroom Remodels

Don’t forget there are a few quick and easy ways to improve your bathrooms to make a big impact and add value to your home!

  • Trade in your old bathroom faucet with a new and improved faucet! This central piece will transform the overall look and feel of your bathroom.
  • Switch out your toilet to match your new style décor for your bathroom and helps conserve water! .

Need help with remodeling kitchens and bathrooms?  Let Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric help you complete minor or major updates to your kitchen and bathroom as we offer both plumbing and electrical services to help with remodels!

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Ready for a Lawn Makeover?

Plumbing service

Central Carolina Air Conditioning Plumbing & Electric

Are you eagerly anticipating the days when you can go outside again and play with your kids, or have a BBQ on your back patio? Before getting too excited about warmer weather, you’re probably thinking about the condition of the yard. This should not be a hindrance to the quality of time you spend outside in your yard. It may not be an option or desire to hire a full-time lawn maintenance crew so here are a few tips for how YOU can bring your yard to life after the sleeping months of winter.  It might be time to add that beautiful pool or waterscape to your yard and Central Carolina Air Conditioning Plumbing & Electric can handle the plumbing part for you!

  • Winter months probably left your lawn scattered with branches, leaves or twigs. Take some time to clear this in preparation for mowing.
  • Now is the time for some weeding. If you’re one of those that relishes in instantly gratifying tasks, this day of lawn work will provide just that.
  • Another trick to instantly sharpen your curb appeal is edging the flower beds and lawn. This is also useful for cutting out any bald spots in the lawn.
  • Do you have bushes that line the front of your home or part of your yard? Hedge these bushes to give them a nice, clean shape.
  • Add an instant pop of color by painting all your yard furniture, which has probably become dingy by this point.  Just doing this task will significantly enhance your lawn. While we’re talking about lawn furniture, it’s a good idea to go ahead and hose off your patio, porch or deck that’s holding the furniture.
  • When you mow your lawn, mow high so that it cultivates the growth of thick blades and provides the full effect of a luscious lawn. If you want to add a finishing touch to your lawn, create a stone or tile walkway. Your lawn should be looking pristine by this point – okay, maybe not pristine, but pretty close! 

If you’re looking for adding value to your home (and yard!) by adding a waterscape or the pool you’ve always dreamed ofcent, let us help with the plumbing!  You probably don’t want to tackle this yourself and we can easily set it up for you.

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Holiday Plumbing Issues


With everyone coming over for the holidays, how can you avoid any major plumbing issues when there are many more people in the house using the toilets and sinks more than usual?

Before guests arrive, make sure there is a plunger in each bathroom. If you have a clogged toilet, a plunger will often be the solution. If you need extra help, use chemical drain cleaners or a drain snake. Turn off the water to the toilet first.

If you have a clogged drain, try a chemical drain cleaner, then a snake pipe, then if those don’t work, check the j-trap, which is the J-shaped pipe under your sink. Take it apart to see if the clog is in the j-trap. If it isn’t, the clog is further down the line, and you will need to call a professional plumber.

Be mindful of what you’re putting down the garbage disposal. (Don’t put eggshells, grease, etc. down it.) If yours does get clogged, though, you’ll notice that it is taking longer than usual to work. Your blades may need to be sharpened. You can do this by running a few ice cubes through the disposal. You can also press the reset button on the bottom of the unit.

If you don’t have hot water or the unit is leaking at the base, your water heater is broken. This means you’ll have to call a plumber. If your water heater is working, though, but you’re running out of hot water, it could be caused by sediment in the water tank. You will have to flush the unit. It could also simply mean your water heater is getting old. Of course, it could also be due to more people using the water than usual!


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Signs Your Water Heater Will Fail

Your water heater will give you signs that it is about to fail. Pay attention to make sure you are prepared.

Rusty water coming from your water heater can be a sign that it is rusting on the inside and might leak soon. Check if the water is only coming from the hot side piping in your home. If you have galvanized piping, though, it may be your pipes that are rusty. Do a test by draining several five-gallon buckets of water out of the water heater. If the water is still rusty when it comes out after several buckets, the water heater is most likely the issue.

If your water heater is more than 10 years old, think about replacing it. Look for the serial number on the manufacturer’s sticker. This is on the upper portion of the water heater. The serial number will have the date that the water heater was manufactured. Typically, the first letter will represent the month. For example, “A” means January, “B” February, and so on. The two digits after that represent the year. For example 06 means 2006. If your code doesn’t look like that, check with the manufacturer.

Listen for rumbling or banging as your water heater heats up. Sediment builds up over time up on the bottom of the tank. As it is heated, it will harden after years. This is a sign that your water heater is not going to last much longer.

Look for moisture around your water heater. You might have a small leak or fracture in the tank. Heated metal expands, so a fracture would lead to leaks. When the metal has cooled the inner tank will stop leaking. Make sure the overflow pipe is not leaking. Check the fittings or connections to the tank. If they are dry, you may need to replace your water heater soon.

There are ways to help prevent a failing water heater if yours isn’t on its last legs, including inspections twice a year.


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Get Your Home Ready for Thanksgiving


Getting your home ready for Thanksgiving—and all the holidays that follow—can be exciting, but also a huge chore. However, you don’t have to scrub your house from top to bottom. With a few tasks, you can get your house ready for all the people and of course, the food.

A week or so ahead of time, schedule your biannual HVAC inspection and cleaning to make sure it is in top shape before everyone arrives. The last thing you need is for your heating to go out.

The main area to focus your cleaning on is the kitchen. Wipe the counters, sweep the floor, empty the trash, and make sure all the dishes are clean and put away. If you don’t want to have a huge pile of dishes to do later, make sure to get some paper plates and disposable cups/silverware. Make your home smell like fall by boiling a few orange peels and cinnamon sticks and then letting it simmer.

Make space for extra tables and chairs if needed, and if there will be kids, make a space for them to eat and play as well. Cover the electrical outlets if there will be babies or toddlers.

Prepare as much food as you can ahead of time, especially if you’re the main cook.

Clear out a place for guests to hang coats and bags. If you don’t have a coat rack or enough room in the closet, make a bed in one room and designate that as the coat bed.

If you’ll have overnight guests, wash the towels and bed linens and make the beds.

Clean the bathroom that guests will use.

Vacuum in the areas where guests will be.

Lastly, put on some music and pour yourself a glass of wine!


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Garbage Disposal Dos and Don’t’s


Fall is here and that means staying indoors and cooking up a storm during the colder days and holidays. That can also mean a lot of work for your garbage disposal. How should you maintain yours? When do you replace it?

Don’t put these foods down your garbage disposal: egg shells, onion skins, celery, corn husks, as well as hard foods such as seeds, popcorn, peach stones or bones. Don’t put any non-food item down the disposal. This is also bad if you have a septic system.

Keep it clean! Regularly pour a natural cleaner such as baking soda and vinegar down the inside to clean up the sludge. It is best to avoid harsh chemicals and cleaners.

Do not put fats and grease down your disposal, as they will clog it up. . Let fats gets solid and put grease in the fridge to make it solid. Then throw away. Even still, while running the disposal, use cold water. Hot water liquefies and leftover greases and fats.

Turn on the cold water every time you run your disposal while the food is being chopped up. You should also keep letting the water run for at least another 10 seconds after you turn the disposal off. The water will bring any remaining particles out of the disposal and will assist in flushing the pipes.

If your disposal is clogged do not use your hands to reach inside! Use pliers or call a professional if needed. You will most likely have to get your garbage disposal replaced every 8 to 15 years depending on your model and how often you use it.


Have a concern with your electrical, plumbing or air conditioning? Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical is here to help! We offer 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week!  Give us a call! 1-800-461-3010 to speak with our customer service agents that can answer your questions or schedule an appointment!

Major Plumbing Issues


Plumbing issues left unfixed can lead to huge costs down the road. The problem is, most of us don’t even know when something is wrong—or don’t realize when something seemingly small is actually a big deal. Here are some big things to inspect whether you’re buying a new home or have lived in yours for years without thinking about these things.

A leak at the base of the toilet can go unnoticed or unaddressed for years. Over time, though, the water will get in between the floor and subfloor and rot the subfloor. Look for discoloration or warping around the toilet’s base. Also, check the flooring around the toilet by stepping around the area to see if it is soft or if it moves. Check to make sure the toilet bowl does not move or rock when grabbed. Movement means it has a bad seal or the flange is not secured or the toilet is not secured to the flange.

If your sewer line has clogged get a professional plumber to not only unclog it, but also inspect it. Over time the line can deteriorate, which not only means more clogs, but the line could also collapse completely. A major repair or even replacement would cost quite a bit.

Depending on water quality, maintenance and how your water heater is being used, this important piece of your home should last approximately 10 years. They are typically out of your sight, so take time to inspect it. If it leaks, will it damage flooring, closets or the garage? Water heater pans can help a little bit, but will overflow easily. A plumber can check whether or not it is up to code and working properly. The manufacturer can tell you the age of it from the model and serial number. You’ll also want to make sure your water heater is the right size for your house. You don’t want a small heater with a large family. You can also save money by replacing a large model with a smaller one once the kids have moved out.


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Cool Your Pets Off Without AC


Maybe you don’t have central air conditioning or your AC is temporarily out, or maybe you keep your pets outdoors. What are some ways to keep your fur babies cool without central air? After all, that fur makes them feel pretty toasty!

For outside pets, make sure they have access to plenty of shade. Keep in mind that the sun moves throughout the day, so look for areas that have the most shade during all hours of the day. Give them plenty of fresh water and place water containers where your pet can’t tip them over.

Spill proof bowls are a good idea. Some bowls are even made to connect directly to a garden hose, and a pressure valve controls the amount of water in the bowl, refilling when it is low! Lastly, a “kiddie pool” kept in the shade and filled with just enough water to wet your pet’s belly is a fun idea to cool him or her off.

Indoors, use fans. Pedestal fans are great because they’re up away from the pets, and they can oscillate to distribute air around an entire room. However some pets do enjoy sitting in front of a heavy-duty floor fan that won’t tip over!

Window fans can be set so they are blowing out in order to help circulate air throughout a house. Close all of the windows except for one. Lastly, keep curtains and window shades closed during the middle of the day to keep the sun out.


 Have a concern with your electrical, plumbing or air conditioning? Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical is here to help! We offer 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week!  Give us a call! 1-800-461-3010 to speak with our customer service agents that can answer your questions or schedule an appointment!