The "Change Filter" Light is Flashing: What Now?

You look up and see a blinking light on your thermostat, “CHANGE FILTER.” Don’t ignore it! These filters protect your indoor air quality, meaning, they keep you and your family healthy! And by keeping them clean, it will save you money on heating and air conditioning in the long run. 

How to Change Your Air Filter

So do you call a professional or start looking up DIY YouTube videos? According to the professionals, if your filter is accessible and you feel comfortable getting to it, you can check to see its condition. The filter looks like a large windowpane. And you should replace it with the same size you already have. However, there’s no need to stick with a certain brand as long as the filter fits correctly. It goes in the same way the old filter was removed and it should be a snug fit. You can also use a permanent marker or pen to write the install date on your new air filter. That way, you won’t have any questions about when you need a new one the next time.

You should change out the standard 1″ wire media air filter every month depending on your lifestyle, especially if you have pets. But there are other types of media air filters that are thicker and take out a higher percentage of dust and contaminants. These filters usually have a longer service life. There are also electric air filters that electronically zap the contaminants and sterilizes the dust mites that survive in climates with relative humidity over 50%.

Benefits of Changing Air Filters:

  • Extends the life of your unit- systems can overheat if air filters aren’t clear and clean which can shut down your entire unit!
  • Keeps Energy Costs Down- if your filter is clean, your unit doesn’t have to work as hard, using less energy to heat and cool your home!
  • Keeps Pet Dander and Allergens at bay- keep your air cleaner by getting rid of unwanted pollutants!
  • Keeps your system clean- don’t let unwanted dirt, dander and other things clog up your system which can cost more in repairs!

When shopping, look at the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) number, which ranges from 1 to 12. The higher the number, the better the filtration is.  If your filter is in an area where you’re not comfortable reaching it yourself, call Central Carolina Air Conditioning. They will check it out for you and replace it if needed. To schedule an appointment, call Central Carolina Air Conditioning at 800-461-3010 or request a repair.

Let Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical help babyproof your home!

Did you know we could help keep your children and family safe?  We can even help babyproof your home!

Whether you’re a first-time parent or it’s been a few years since you’ve done the baby thing, or you’re a caregiver getting ready for a new addition to your home, you’ll start looking at your house—and all of its dangers—differently. What are the basics of babyproofing? First, think ahead. While your 6 month old may not be able to get to much, your 2 year old will. And we can even help with some of these to give you extra peace of mind!

Tips to Keeping Babies and Young Children Safe In Your Home:

  • Plug all unused electrical outlets with safety covers and move all exposed wires out of reach. This will take some creativity—perhaps you’ll need to move furniture around or go ahead and mount that TV like you’ve talked about for so long! You’ll also want to make sure there are no exposed wires anywhere in or around your home!
  • Move tall lamps behind sturdy furniture such as a couch, or consider getting rid of these lamps altogether.
  • Check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and make sure you have enough. There should be one smoke detector in every bedroom and on every level of the house, and one carbon monoxide detector on every level of the house. We are happy to help install these!  And remember that these need to be checked every few months to make sure they are in working condition!
  • If you have a fireplace, make sure it’s locked up or place a sturdy screen around the hearth. If you have a gas fireplace, make sure the gas line isn’t leaking!  Again, give us a call if you have any concerns!
  • Place baby gates at the top and bottom of stairs and in any other areas where you want to keep them out. Think ahead—getting taller gates with high quality latches/locks will save you from going out and buying new gates when your baby is 18 months old.
  • Remove blinds with looped cords and keep curtains and blinds out of babies and toddlers’ reach.
  • Anchor heavy furniture such as dressers to the wall.
  • Cover sharp edges and corners and install locks on the refrigerator, appliances and cabinets you don’t want your little one getting into. Don’t forget the toilets, or you could end up with a pretty big project when they flush their toys down the toilet!


Let us help keep your little ones safe!  Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical is here to help! With our Whole House Agreement, we can service your heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical!  We offer 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week!  Give us a call! 1-800-461-3010 to speak with our customer service agents that can answer your questions or schedule an appointment!


Reduce Energy with Healthy Summer Cooking

Summertime is around the corner, and it’s a good idea to start preparing for the delicious yet simple recipes that you can make for your family. There are so many creative and yummy recipes that will involve minimal use of the oven and therefore less heat emitted in your home during the hottest months of the year. Enjoy these healthy summer cooking tips that reduce energy in your home that are good for you and your home.

Now is the time to maximize on the seasonal products that abound at any of your local farmers markets or food stands around town. Here are some ways to make the most of seasonal foods, optimize cooking time and create delicious yet nutritious meals!

  • Create a weekly meal plan based off weekly specials at the grocery store and farmer’s market. Activities usually ramp up during the summer months, and this will minimize the stress of worrying about meals with all the carpooling, vacations and activities you have going on.
  • Use thinner versions of carbs, like lighter pasta alternatives such as spaghetti squash, carrot pasta or cauliflower rice.
  • Load up on the veggies. Make use of your garden produce if you have one. Otherwise, make the most of the local farmers’ produce to create an array of colorful and tasty entrees.
  • Bring out the alternative cooking tools such as your crock pot, rice cooker and microwave oven. Eliminate the extra heat of the oven by using these cooking appliances that save on heat and time!  Throw your meals in the crock pot in the morning and enjoy dinner when you walk in the door!

 It’s not enough to simply keep the oven off during the summer months to keep your home cooler! Make sure your air conditioning unit is functioning properly and efficiently so that you and your family can fully enjoy your home cooked meals in a comfortable and cool environment. With more than 50 years of experience, we can provide any service that your unit needs. Whether it’s preventative maintenance, full replacement, or air conditioning enhancing products and services, we will quickly respond to your needs. Avoid the discomfort of unbearable heat that summer can bring by giving Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical at 800-461-3010.

Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Being a homeowner requires a lot of work and seasonal maintenance but is also highly rewarding.  Knowing that you own a place to raise your family and make memories is something that should make you proud! Especially when you consider all the work you put into it to keep your home running smoothly and efficiently. Just when you’ve finished spring cleaning and can finally reap the benefits of your decluttered and clean home, it seems like it’s already time to perform summer home maintenance your home requires.

Check Carbon Monoxide Detectors to ensure that they are working properly and protecting your family from harmful chemicals.

Prep and clean ceiling fans – with the summer heat at its highest, you’ll definitely be getting good use out of your ceiling fans! They have probably accumulated a lot of dust over the months they weren’t used, so clean the tops of the blades to prevent them from spreading dust everywhere when they’re on.

Create a watering schedule for your garden or plants. Although it’s a common practice to water your plants daily, you may want to try watering them every couple days – and drenching them completely. Deeply watering your plants every couple days as opposed to lightly watering every day will allow your plants to grow even stronger and deeper roots.

Clean your grill – you can finally enjoy a BBQ out on the back deck, and practice perfecting your grilled chicken or meat of choice.

Give your windows a good wash. The spring cleaning list was an intense itinerary of items to tackle. If you didn’t get to everything, don’t worry! Now is the time to clean your windows, or any other items that you didn’t get around to during your deep spring cleanout.

Don’t forget about your Air Conditioning filters! Call Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical to come and replace, and we’ll provide a maintenance check on your air conditioning unit while we’re there!

Give us a call today Call to schedule your appointment today at 800-461-3010.

Keeping Your Home Safe During Summer

School is going to be out soon, which means vacation season is right around the corner. You and your family should be able to enjoy your time away, without worrying about intruders, or other problems at home. How do you ensure that your home is safe and secure to provide peace of mind while you’re away this summer? We’ve got a few tips!

Power off electronics. Eliminate any worry of overheated electronics by turning them all off.

Don’t forget the garage! Thieves often use a universal remote to open garages while home owners are away. Protect your garage from universal remotes by turning off the door.

Lock all doors, windows, and other access points like the cat or doggie doors. Do one final check through your whole home to make sure you don’t miss any windows.

Wait to post on social media. Don’t make it known to the world that you are currently away from your home. It may be a good idea to hold off on posting all your fun vacation pics until you’re back from your trip.

Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to check on your home. Although there is now the option to for your post office to hold your mail from 3-30 days, you’ll want someone to at least pick up any door flyers or the daily newspaper left at your home.

Keep blinds in their usual position so it doesn’t look like you’ve closed up your home to leave for a trip.

Use your app. If you have a home security app, put it to use by controlling things such as your water, appliances and lights.

Don’t hide a spare. Up to 50% of break ins are a result of a hidden key that has been found by burglars.


Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical can provide peace of mind as well, by performing thorough maintenance on your AC unit before you leave. You can rest assured that your family will come back from vacation to a cool and conditioned home!

Give us a call today Call to schedule your appointment today at 800-461-3010.

Celebrating 50 Years of Air Conditioning Service


Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing, and Electrical 50 Year AnniversaryFrom a small 6-employee air conditioning business in 1967 to the largest provider of residential air conditioning services in the Piedmont Triad—Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical has come a long way in 50 years.

May 2017 marked 50 years for the company, which was founded by Richard Lacy as Lacy Air Conditioning. Five years later it became Central Trane Air Conditioning Company LLC, and later, Central Carolina Air Conditioning. It was sold in 1997 and operated under a business unit called Encompass until 2002, when Richard Lacy, current President Robert J. Allison and senior managers Barbara Dixon, Pat Priddy and Bill Corriher purchased the business back from Encompass.

Central Carolina Air Conditioning expanded to include plumbing and electrical services a few years ago. This past fall the company renamed its residential division to include “Plumbing & Electrical” in the name.

“We love that we can offer residential customers an array of services that service their whole house and have even implemented a “WholeHouse program” to help with regular maintenance.  Many people don’t realize that like a car, they need to regularly service their HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical systems to avoid major problems later. We have had some loyal customers for more than 30 years and want to do everything we can to take care of them.” Steve Wobig, General Manager.

The commercial division, CCAC Building Solutions, leads the way in the world of HVAC Mechanical Contracting, Service, and Energy Solutions. They develop strategic plans to reduce energy costs, provide comfort to building occupants, and extend the life of equipment. They work with customers throughout the state, as their offices are strategically located in Greensboro and Raleigh.

Central Carolina was voted one of Triad Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” in 2016 in the mid-size employer category. A family-oriented environment, overall employee satisfaction, a benefits package with multiple healthcare options, company-matched 401-K and financial assistance for industry-related educational opportunities are just some of the reasons the company is so loved by its employees.

Have a concern with your electrical, plumbing or air conditioning? Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical is here to help! We offer 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week!  Give us a call! 1-800-461-3010 to speak with our customer service agents that can answer your questions or schedule an appointment!


Build Your Own Vertical Garden


Indoor Vertical Garden Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical in North CarolinaWhat if there was a way to have a garden for your home without taking up much space—and it also provided other benefits such as helping with cooling? Vertical gardens are a great addition to your home. As water circulates through plants, they release moisture into the surrounding air and it evaporates, creating colder air. Cooler air just outside a wall of your home can lead to less work for your air conditioner.

Head to a big-box store to get one large pallet (or more if you’d like), mounting brackets, staple gun, landscape fabric, soil and plants. You will also need waterproof plastic if it will be mounted on the side of your house. Once home, check the pallets for nails and sand the wood. (Make sure it is not pressure-treated wood.)

Use landscape fabric to cover the back, sides and bottom of the pallet and staple. (About every inch. You want plenty of staples to keep the dirt in.) For added protection to the exterior of your home, line the back of the pallet with waterproof plastic, but leave the bottom open.

Put potting soil in and add the plants in between each slat. Put in as many plants as you can fit. Don’t water the plants yet.

Grab a family member or friend to help you mount the pallet, as it will be heavy! Check that the plants did not move around in the process. Water, and wait to see your very own vertical garden bloom! You may need to add some more soil as it packs down over time.

Have a concern with your electrical, plumbing or air conditioning? Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical is here to help! We offer 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week!  Give us a call! 1-800-461-3010 to speak with our customer service agents that can answer your questions or schedule an appointment!

How to Prepare Your Yard for Fall by Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric

Fall is North Carolina is absolutely gorgeous—the colors of the leaves are stunning! For many homeowners, though, they can be quite a nuisance. So how do you keep all those leaves from scattering all over your property and your home and creating a big mess? And how can you actually put the leaves to good use on your lawn and in your garden?raking leaves

If you live in an area that doesn’t have a ton of trees, you can probably get through the season by simply mowing your lawn— leaves included. You’ll want to set the lawn mower to the highest setting to keep from cutting your grass too short so that it doesn’t die. If, however, you live in a more woodsy area and have too many leaves to handle, you have a few options. (Keep in mind most homes within city limits will have strict rules on leaf burning. Even in areas that permit it, expect permits and/or limited time frames when it can be done.)

Tarps- An easier way to rake is to get a big tarp and rake a space to lay it down, and then rake the rest of the leaves onto the tarp. When it is full, pull it to the curb or pour into trash bags, depending on your town’s policies.

Blowers- You’ll have to be cautious not to blow the leaves onto your neighbors’ property or into the street, but this is another easier option. You may want to look for one that has a mulching option. Within the Greensboro City limits for instance, they want you to blown them onto the street and the trucks come along and scoop them up.

Lawn vacuum- This piece sucks up the leaves into a big bag and then you empty it.

Leaf scoops/grabbers- these looks like giant claws and make it easier to grab a bigger pile of leaves at once than you might get with a rake.

If you shred your leaves, you can use them on your lawn and garden! To protect plants, use a 6-inch blanket of leaves. To enrich your soil for next year, mix the leaves into your garden. You can also add them to your compost pile. Remember, water cannot get through whole leaves, so they will need to be shredded to use. You can also add some slow-release nitrogen fertilizers to assist with leaf decomposition.

Have a concern with your electrical, plumbing or air conditioning? Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical is here to help! We offer 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week!  Give us a call! 1-800-461-3010 to speak with our customer service agents that can answer your questions or schedule an appointment!


Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

It may be calmer lately in the Atlantic than expected around this time of year, but NOAA recently released its updated forecast for this hurricane season, and it expects the rest of 2016 to be the most active season since 2012. So, is your home ready for a possible storm? We may not get the bulk of the damage in the Piedmont, but we can certainly see some effects.

A car goes through the high water as Hurricane Sandy bears down on the East Coast, Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012, in Ocean City, Md. Governors from North Carolina, where steady rains were whipped by gusting winds Saturday night, to Connecticut declared states of emergency. Delaware ordered mandatory evacuations for coastal communities by 8 p.m. Sunday. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

What do you need to do and have?

An important part of preparation is to have an emergency supplies kit. This should include:

-One gallon of water per person per day for at least 3 days.

-Non-perishable food (enough for at least 3 days.)

-Pet food

-Can opener

-Battery-powered radio

-NOAA Weather Radio

-Extra batteries



-First aid kit

-Garbage bags


-Dust masks

-Contact information for your local emergency management offices, hospitals, Red Cross and you property insurance agent

Another important part of preparation is making an emergency plan. Make sure to pick a meeting place away from home and go over the plan with all family members. This includes your pets and any family members that may have special needs— make sure to have plan in place for their care. Figure out alternative routes to get to your safe place.

It is always a good idea to check out your hazards risks with FEMA’s Map Portal and see your flood risk with the portal.

Before the hurricane hits, bring in any items from outside that can be easily moved by the wind, such as toys, bicycles tools and lawn furniture. Fill your car’s gas tank. Turn your refrigerator to the coldest setting so that food will last longer if the power goes out.

Have a concern with your electrical, plumbing or air conditioning? Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical is here to help! We offer 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week!  Give us a call! 1-800-461-3010 to speak with our customer service agents that can answer your questions or schedule an appointment!


Getting Your Home Vacation Ready

Are you planning a getaway this summer?  You’ve probably thought about what you need to pack, but have you thought about what vacationyou need to do in your home to get ready for vacation?   If you are like most, you likely haven’t given it much thought.  So, how do you get your home ready?

First, think about what you would do if you had a leak in your home. Of course, you would cut off the water at the main valve to prevent future damage.  You should do the same when you plan to leave for a time.  Cut the water off at the main valve before you leave so that if there is a leak it will not turn into a major headache.  Remember that this will impact your landscape watering and pool water maintenance.  Make arrangements to let your house sitter or landscaper to be able to turn the water on as needed to meet these needs. 

Next, think about ways to save money while you are on vacation.  Shut your ice maker off while you are away.  Why make ice when you aren’t even there?  Shut down any water softening systems to save even more.  Of course, your hot water heater is your biggest opportunity for saving. But cutting it off, you reduce most of your consumption.  Cut this off at the main breaker to prevent it from heating an empty tank and burning out.  Finally unplug any vampire appliances.  These include any appliances that have a clock and draw energy even when not in use.

 Have a concern with your electrical, plumbing or air conditioning? Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical is here to help! We offer 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week!  Give us a call! 1-800-461-3010 to speak with our customer service agents that can answer your questions or schedule an appointment!