Have you been Flushing these down your Toilet?

Have you been Flushing these down your Toilet?

Have you considered the items that you flush down your toilet? There are many things like sanitary products that most people know not to flush. There are other products like baby wipes that may seem safe to flush, but could pose a problem to your plumbing system. Today, baby wipes are sold almost everywhere in tubs to small packs designed to slip in your purse. Although they are marketed as “flushable” wipes, this label can be misleading. We’ll go over a few of the reasons why flushing wipes can be dangerous for either your septic system or your pipes.  Image result for toilets

  • The baby wipes are made of disposable cloths that are non-woven. They are comprised of synthetic and natural materials to make the wipes both strong yet also thin. The baby wipes include the same material that is used in dryer sheets and diapers – both of which you would not flush down the toilet.
  • The label on baby wipes that claims they are flushable is referring to the fact that they will fit down your pipes. Multiple wipes flushed down the toilet can still clog the pipes, however. “Disposable” is also a term that indicates they can be thrown away in the trash, not necessarily in the toilet.
  • Toilet paper is designed with material that is biodegradable, unlike baby wipes. The material used in baby wipes is the same material found in plastic bags and plastic bottles, which either takes a long time to denigrate or is not biodegradable at all.
  • The size of a household drain pipe is typically 4 inches thick. When wipes are flushed down the toilet, sometimes they can get stuck to the side of the pipes. When these wipes accumulate in the pipes and stick to the side, they can trap other waste materials that flow through the pipes which can end up clogging the pipes. Your pipes are not the only things that could potentially get clogged. Sometimes these wipes can also cause a clog in your entire septic system. If this happens, the problem will cost a lot to repair.

All these potential problems can be prevented by throwing away wipes in the trash can instead of the toilet. If there is a problem with your plumbing system and your pipes are clogged, call Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical! We will come out and solve any problems in your pipes or your septic system. While we’re out there, we can also check your drain pipes, and we’ll also check your exposed hot and cold water lines and ventilation systems while we’re there!


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Clogged Pipes? Call Central Carolina Plumbing


Have clogged pipes? Or maybe a sink that is draining slowly? Central Carolina Plumbing can help.

Pipes can easily get clogged by hair, grease, soap or small objects that fall down drains. Did you know there are strainers you can add to your sinks and tubs to catch debris?  It’s a good idea to routinely check your drains and clear away anything that will clot over time and clog your pipes.

Did you know that even food in  your garbage disposal can form a thick paste over time and slow down water flow? Especially if you try to grind up greasy foods.  Be sure to strain as much grease as possible in your trashcan with a strainer.  If the food is hot off the stove (for instance, browning hamburger) then be sure to strain the grease into a soup can or other item in the trash that can tolerate the heat.

Sometimes a clog in the pipes can get so far down that it will eventually slow down other drains so be sure to keep your drains clean and clear! That’s one reason we offer the Central Carolina Plumbing policy of assurance agreement.

What’s the purpose of our plumbing maintenance program?

  • Annually maintain your water heater to ensure it is operating at its highest efficiency;
  • Locate and alert you to any potential plumbing problems before they become an emergency;
  • Find money-wasting leaks;
  • Provide you with all your plumbing needs during the year at our special preferred rate; and
  • Provide emergency service 24/7.

We check out nearly 100 items in your home to see what is and isn’t working well which saves you money in the long run! You can avoid many costly repairs in the future by maintaining your plumbing equipment now. Give us a call to schedule your service at 1-800-461-3010