Salt Water Pool Chlorinator Energy Usage


We still have plenty of warm weather left to enjoy. If you’re a salt water pool owner, or are considering getting one, you may have noticed how much energy—and therefore money—your salt water chlorinator uses. How can you reduce the cost of running it while still making sure its safe and clean?

Salt water pool owners are often told to run the pool pump 4 – 6 hours in the winter if you don’t winterize your pool and up to 10 – 12 hours in the summer. This is not always true. It depends on your usage. Don’t assume that is the rule.

Generally electricity costs less during the evening hours, so consider running your pump then.

Often salt water chlorinators can be adjusted for optimal use and chlorine production. You can dial in the percentage of the time the pool needs for optimal chlorination. For people that use their pool often, adjust it to about 45-50%. With a higher percentage the chlorine will go up and too much salt will be used. Too low and the chlorine level will slowly come down.

If you keep your salt water chlorinator at 45% but only use it once a week, chlorine levels will skyrocket because there is not enough demand to use up the chlorine. Each pool use is different. Start low, at about 5%, and make the adjustment in the evening. Then you can test your chlorine in the morning and take note of the pool chlorine level. Ultimately through trial and error you’ll find the correct amount of time your filtration system is running and the amount of time your salt water chlorinator is producing chlorine.


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