Why You Should be Using a Humidifier

Now that summer months are in the rear view mirror, it’s time to start considering how your home environment could  affect your health. There have been significant advancements with heating and cooling options over the past several years, so it’s time to reap the full benefits of those advancements! Long gone are the days where thermostats where limited to a dial that you had to change to set the temperature.

You might want to consider utilizing a Humidifier in Your Home and here’s why: 

  • They increase comfort levels in your home. Humidifiers produce moisture in the air, which will enable you to rest well with a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • They help alleviate wintertime sickness.  The dry air is an aggravating factor for the common cold or runny nose during the winter months. With a humidifier, the air in your home will contain more moisture and help with these symptoms all throughout the day.
  • The air will feel more comfortable and also warmer, which means that you can turn down your thermostat in the winter and save some extra money!
  • Moisture in the air from a Humidifier can ease dry skin, dry sinuses and even cracked lips caused by dry air!

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of a humidifier, here are some important considerations as to how to use one:

  • Many humidifiers will measure the humidity level in a room. The optimal level should be 30 percent when it’s cold and 50 percent when it’s hot outside.
  • There are different humidifier options that are beneficial for each type of room in your home. It’s common for homeowners to have a humidifier in multiple rooms of their home.
  • Smaller humidifiers are beneficial for smaller rooms, especially children’s rooms. It’s best to stick with a cool mist humidifier, since it eliminates the chance of children getting burned by a warm mist humidifier.
  • There are console and whole home humidifiers that may be beneficial for larger rooms in the home.
  • If noise is an important consideration for you, there are ultrasonic humidifiers which create the quietest atmosphere.

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Tank vs Tankless- which water heater is right for your home?

Help, I need a new hot water heater! Tank vs. Tank-less?

What Type Do of Water Heater Do You Have?

Whether it’s a cold shower that tips you off, or a wet floor in the garage, the timing of a broken hot water heater is never ideal! And in most cases, there’s no notice your hot water heater is giving up at all. But when it does, you have a couple options. If your broken hot water heater was working sufficiently for you before, you can replace it with a similar hot water heater. If this is a floor standing model, this is likely your most cost-efficient option up front.

Regular Water Heaters

Unfortunately, if you had an older hot water heater that ran the course of its life, you may not be able to find that same model anymore. Additionally, if you have had challenges with the older model keeping up with your household’s hot water demand, you could either increase the water storage size or move to a tank that has a higher recovery rate. But keep in mind, if the size of the hot water tank is different than your original tank, you may have to make modifications to the space in which you install the hot water heater, which is an additional cost.  Gas hot water heaters often cost more than electric hot water heaters so keep that in mind and what you already have set up before purchasing a new one.

Tankless Water Heater Options

Your other option is to install a tankless hot water heater.  Despite the higher price point, they’re often more energy efficient and will likely save you money on your electric bill or gas bill long-term. A tankless water heater is an on demand system. It only heats the water once you turn it on. When it is sitting idle there is no energy used.

If sized properly, tankless hot water heaters can heat your whole house. You can place a hot water coil in your air handler. The tankless heater would circulate the hot water through the coil like a radiator on our car to heat your home. They can heat your home’s hot water as well all at once. Very rarely do you run out of hot water with the tankless heaters.

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Are You Ready To Stain Your Deck This Summer?

How To Stain Your Deck

You may be utilizing these long summer days by taking on extra household projects and tackling them yourself. You’ll save money this route and learn new skills, however, it’s always good to be educated and prepared before taking on any project. If you’re considering a revitalized look and feel to your back deck, then consider these simple steps below that will guide you through the process to a beautiful end result! 

  • Clean the deck surface before applying any stain. If there are any marks, dirt on the deck, the stain may not stick to those areas and it could peel. Start by sweeping off your deck, then do a clean wash to remove the extra layer of dirt and marks.
  • Apply cleaner to the deck. You can do this a few different ways – either roll on the cleaner or you can spray on the cleaner. Whichever method you choose, make sure that the wood stays wet while the wood is soaking up the cleaner.
  • After 15 minutes, scrub the wood so that the cleaner is worked into the wood. Use a hose to wash away any remaining residue on the deck surface.


Now that the cleaning and prep work is done, it’s time for the fun part of applying the stain!

  • Use a roller or a brush to apply the stain. If you do choose a roller, you may want to follow-up with a brush to ensure that the stain is applied fully and set in.
  • If one coat is not enough, apply a second coat of stain. It’s best to wait at least four hours after the first coat has been applied before layering with a second coat.  And be sure to wait at least 24 hours before walking or placing objects back on the deck to make sure it’s completely dry!

Your outdoor hose is required multiple times throughout the staining process. It’s safe to make sure that your faucets and outdoor water sources are performing optimally. Call Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing  & Electrical and we’ll check all emergency water shut-offs for proper performance and tag main emergency shut-offs. If your emergency shut-off does not work when you need it, there could be big problems. We can also check all your lawn faucets for any leaks that could be wasting your money.


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Standard vs Comfort Height Toilets

Whether you’re in a new home or used home, the kind of toilet you use is an important decision. Although it’s a needed appliance, the choices used to be almost non-existent. Today, there are now options on the market as more research has been released showing the importance of finding the right toilet for your needs.

There are benefits and draw backs for each one. Keep in mind a couple things when considering your choices – whichever toilet you choose should allow you to be able to easily rest both feet on the ground. You should also be able to easily get up and sit down.  A significant amount of research concludes that the ideal position for use of a toilet should be a squat position with the hips below the knees. 

 Standard Height Toilets:

  • These are typically the best option for shorter people, as they are only 15 inches above the ground.
  • Standard height toilets come in multiple colors and styles.
  • Depending on the brand, they usually cost more.

Comfort Height Toilets:

  • Because they are 16-19 inches above the ground, this option is ideal for taller people.
  • The extra 2 inches of height is not only beneficial for tall people, but often the choice for elderly and disabled.
  • Comfort height toilets also are available in a variety of colors and styles.
  • They are recognized as ADA (adults with disabilities) compliant.
  • Generally, comfort height toilets are a less expensive option, although the cost difference is marginal.

Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical can help you determine which height works for your family and can also perform dye tests on all your toilets to ensure that there are no water leaks, which equate to money wasting. If your toilets are connected to a septic tank and there’s a water leak, then you could be wasting even more money! Not only can we provide dye tests, but we can also check all faucets in your home and all exposed hot and cold water lines to identify and repair any water leaks in your home.

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Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

Although you may not be able to predict and prepare for any sudden problem in your home, there are certain lengths you can and should go to that will allow you to respond quickly to these problems. Instead of having to run to the closest hardware store every time something breaks in your home, you can be prepared with a tool kit that will help fix most of the minor problems that could arise.

Drills and Bits – Buy a battery-operated drill and a variety of different sized drill bits, and you’ll be all set for multiple fix-up tasks!

Wrench set – Used to unfasten and fasten bolts, a wrench set is a necessary staple in any homeowner’s set.

Hammer – The size of the hammer head should match the size of the nails you buy with it. So a bigger hammer is best used with larger nails.

Tape Measure – This will come in handy during many situations, from measuring your windows for a new set of blinds, to checking square footage of rooms.

Utility Knife – Definitely a necessity – a utility knife will allow you to effectively open any package or box.

Pliers – Used for gripping pipes and twisting wires.

Safety Items – Anytime you perform tasks that require the tools above, it’s best to use the appropriate safety items like gloves, eye goggles, and ear plugs.

Caulking Gun – Use your caulking gun for any gaps or holes that may appear, such as windows or door frames or for filling in holes around your bathroom or shower!

Screw driver set – A variety of screw driver sizes are useful for changing air filters, electrical outlets, cover plates or adjusting furniture and fixtures.

Refer to your tool box to handle all the minor fixes needed in your home. While this tool box will have you prepared for any unexpected minor repairs, you’ll definitely need professional assistance to fix the unexpected larger repairs such as a plumbing or electrical problem. Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical will be there 24/7 to help!

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Easy DIY Updates

Need To Update Your Home?

Are you ready for a new look and feel to your home? Maybe it’s time for a home makeover, but you don’t want to spend all that it requires to professionally remodel. There are many fun DIY  ideas that not only provide a refreshed look to your home, but many of them serve a double purpose of adding value as well. With kitchen and bath remodels, you actually add value to your home and we can help!

  • Painting can instantly make anything old and dingy feel new and beautiful. You can start by painting furniture such as chairs and tables. If you feel like repainting multiple rooms in your home, this could be a good way to brighten up each space. However, you can still accomplish a remodeled look by creating a couple accent walls. This will also save you time, energy and money as opposed to painting your whole home.
  • Adding some chair rail in rooms is easier now than ever as many home improvement stores offer stick-on options!
  • Add some art to create new dimension in your main living areas. Hang pictures or paintings that tie in with the desired theme of that room. Hanging art can also cover any eye sores of hanging cords.
  • Update your Hardware on kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Show your personality and style preference by selecting a new set of hardware to instantly give your kitchen and bathroom cabinets a more modern feel!
  • Hang a mirror in a room in your home that may be particularly small. A mirror will create the illusion that your room is bigger than it really is.

bathroom remodel

Bathroom Remodels

Don’t forget there are a few quick and easy ways to improve your bathrooms to make a big impact and add value to your home!

  • Trade in your old bathroom faucet with a new and improved faucet! This central piece will transform the overall look and feel of your bathroom.
  • Switch out your toilet to match your new style décor for your bathroom and helps conserve water! .

Need help with remodeling kitchens and bathrooms?  Let Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric help you complete minor or major updates to your kitchen and bathroom as we offer both plumbing and electrical services to help with remodels!

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Winter Weather Preps

With the coldest months of the year coming up, what can you do to prepare your home for the very low temperatures as well as winter weather?

If you didn’t do this while cleaning the gutters in the fall, trim your trees. No, we aren’t talking about decorating the Christmas tree. Any branches hanging over your house can be weighed down by ice and snow and eventually fall onto your house.

Wrap your water pipes in insulation. Freezing and expansion not only means you might not have running water, but it also means the pipes can burst from the pressure. Also, make sure you know where the water shut-off is in case of an emergency.

Check the items in your garage to make sure they’re winterized. Hoses, lawn mowers, etc. all need to be taken care of over the winter months.

Block drafts. Not only will this help your electric bill, but it will also keep you cozy. This is especially important in older homes or if you have ill-fitting frames.

If you have drafty windows but can’t afford to replace them, get an insulation kit or try caulk or weather-stripping.

Check that nothing is blocking your vents. Don’t forget the air intake vents, because if they’re blocked this can lead to expensive repairs.

Check outside the house for loose siding, shutters, etc. Tighten them up so that strong winds and ice don’t strip them off.

Reverse your ceiling fans to a clockwise rotation to help circulate the hot air near the ceiling back into the room. Most fans should have the option of switching.

Get your furnace inspected. Don’t wait until you have an emergency. Many issues can go undetected until it’s too late.


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Holiday Plumbing Issues


With everyone coming over for the holidays, how can you avoid any major plumbing issues when there are many more people in the house using the toilets and sinks more than usual?

Before guests arrive, make sure there is a plunger in each bathroom. If you have a clogged toilet, a plunger will often be the solution. If you need extra help, use chemical drain cleaners or a drain snake. Turn off the water to the toilet first.

If you have a clogged drain, try a chemical drain cleaner, then a snake pipe, then if those don’t work, check the j-trap, which is the J-shaped pipe under your sink. Take it apart to see if the clog is in the j-trap. If it isn’t, the clog is further down the line, and you will need to call a professional plumber.

Be mindful of what you’re putting down the garbage disposal. (Don’t put eggshells, grease, etc. down it.) If yours does get clogged, though, you’ll notice that it is taking longer than usual to work. Your blades may need to be sharpened. You can do this by running a few ice cubes through the disposal. You can also press the reset button on the bottom of the unit.

If you don’t have hot water or the unit is leaking at the base, your water heater is broken. This means you’ll have to call a plumber. If your water heater is working, though, but you’re running out of hot water, it could be caused by sediment in the water tank. You will have to flush the unit. It could also simply mean your water heater is getting old. Of course, it could also be due to more people using the water than usual!


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Major Plumbing Issues


Plumbing issues left unfixed can lead to huge costs down the road. The problem is, most of us don’t even know when something is wrong—or don’t realize when something seemingly small is actually a big deal. Here are some big things to inspect whether you’re buying a new home or have lived in yours for years without thinking about these things.

A leak at the base of the toilet can go unnoticed or unaddressed for years. Over time, though, the water will get in between the floor and subfloor and rot the subfloor. Look for discoloration or warping around the toilet’s base. Also, check the flooring around the toilet by stepping around the area to see if it is soft or if it moves. Check to make sure the toilet bowl does not move or rock when grabbed. Movement means it has a bad seal or the flange is not secured or the toilet is not secured to the flange.

If your sewer line has clogged get a professional plumber to not only unclog it, but also inspect it. Over time the line can deteriorate, which not only means more clogs, but the line could also collapse completely. A major repair or even replacement would cost quite a bit.

Depending on water quality, maintenance and how your water heater is being used, this important piece of your home should last approximately 10 years. They are typically out of your sight, so take time to inspect it. If it leaks, will it damage flooring, closets or the garage? Water heater pans can help a little bit, but will overflow easily. A plumber can check whether or not it is up to code and working properly. The manufacturer can tell you the age of it from the model and serial number. You’ll also want to make sure your water heater is the right size for your house. You don’t want a small heater with a large family. You can also save money by replacing a large model with a smaller one once the kids have moved out.


Have a concern with your electrical, plumbing or air conditioning? Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical is here to help! We offer 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week!  Give us a call! 1-800-461-3010 to speak with our customer service agents that can answer your questions or schedule an appointment!

Get Rid of Bathroom Mold & Mildew


It’s the room where you get clean… but the bathroom itself is usually very dirty! With all of that water, come mold and mildew. Not only is it unsightly, but it an also be a hazard to your health and your home in large amounts. What are your choices if you don’t want to use harsh bleach? What other contributing bathroom issues do you need to look for?

Hot water with some soap and baking soda can remove mold and mildew. Mix one teaspoon of liquid soap with one cup of baking soda to make a paste, and add essential oils for a nice scent if you’d like. You can also mix a little bit of bleach in a spray bottle and use that as a finishing touch.

Vinegar is another item you probably already have in your home that is a great cleaning agent. Put white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the area. Wait an hour, and then scrub. In addition, if you regularly spray vinegar on a surface prone to mold, it will help prevent it from growing.

Hydrogen peroxide in a dark spray bottle (to keep its effectiveness) can clean up mold and mildew. Simply spray it, leave for at least 20 minutes, and wipe clean. You can also add a bit of vinegar too.

While you’re cleaning up, take a look around your bathroom to see where mold and mildew might hide— like that cute whale faucet cover for your kids! Also, see if there are leaks that need to be addressed or if you’d benefit from adding an exhaust fan. Take steps to prevent major problems in the future.


Have a concern with your electrical, plumbing or air conditioning? Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical is here to help! We offer 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week!  Give us a call! 1-800-461-3010 to speak with our customer service agents that can answer your questions or schedule an appointment!