Deep Clean Your Dryer


To keep your dryer running efficiently and to help keep your family and home safe from a potential dryer fire, thoroughly clean it annually. This is a great project to tackle on a weekend afternoon. Improper dryer ventilation causes 14,000 fires each year!

Over time lint builds up in the inside of your dryer, especially around the drum. With most dryers you can remove the top or front panel by simply removing a few screws, and take your extension on your vacuum to it.

Next up, your dryer ducts. This part is a bit trickier. Unplug your dryer and remove the flexible duct from the back of the dryer with your screwdriver. Use a large cleaning brush to push out any lint from behind your lint trap. Reach into the hole and pull out any buildup and vacuum again there and in the tubing. Be careful with using any sharper tools to get to the middle of the tubing, as they could puncture it. Typically, there is more buildup towards the ends.

Also vacuum where the duct exhaust exits your house. If you find that you have issues with birds/critters, install a bird guard on the outside. Make sure that the screen is not covered with lint, which will prevent any airflow.

Lastly, slide the clamp over the vent to attach and then put the dryer back into place. Run dryer on air fluff for about 10 minutes to let the debris that may be loose escape.

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