The items we store in our garages can last longer if we take some steps to store them properly as the weather cools down. Cold and wet garages are not great for your possessions. What are some simple steps to take to winterize the items in our garages?

  • Lubricate your garage door and put (or fix) weather stripping around it.
  • Stretch out your garden hose on a downward slope to drain out all of the water and then coil it up.
  • Clean and sterilize your rake and shovel to get rid of any diseased plant material. Take a bucket or other container and fill it with sand and mineral oil and then dunk any smaller tools into the mixture to prevent rust.
  • Make sure the gutters around your garage—and whole house—are clear to prevent them from leaking and caving in.
  • Clean the grass off of the undercarriage of your lawn mower and sharpen the blades. Also, run in until the gas tank is empty to prevent corrosion.
  • Put extra fuel into a steel jerrican with a flame arrestor and do not store it for more than a month. Gas with ethanol should be mixed with a stabilizer so it doesn’t deteriorate.
  • Clean or replace the air filter in your backpack leaf blower. Drain the fuel. Disconnect the battery cables and replace dirty spark plugs.
  • Get your snow blower ready by changing the dirty oil if you haven’t already. Replace shear pins. Also, check the shave plate for wear and tear.


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