Going on Vacation? Check your AC Unit!

Going on Vacation? Check your AC Unit!

Going on vacation soon? Check your AC unit! School is out and and summer is here in a few days! This means it’s the perfect time to take your family on vacation and spend some much needed time relaxing and recharging! You and your family should be able to enjoy your time away, without worrying about problems at home.

You probably have a checklist of things to complete before you leave for vacation. Have you considered your air conditioning unit and necessary steps for protecting and maintaining it while you’re away?

Don’t worry – we’ve created a simple list for you to review before leaving for vacation:

  • Before you leave for a trip where your worries are non-existent, make sure you clean your air filters!


  • It’s also a good idea to go out and have a look at your unit to check for any accumulated debris around the condenser unit. If you haven’t already, mow the grass and trim and shrubs that are surrounding the unit. Ideally there will be a 24 inch clear space surrounding your unit so that nothing gets caught in the unit, slowing it down or causing damage.


  • There’s always a possibility for a summer storm to sweep through while you’re away from home. Better to be safe than sorry and prepare your unit for severe weather. Check the weather and see how likely it is for a storm to occur. If chances are high, you may want to unplug your unit in preparation for this possibility. Remove any items from your yard that could be blown around during the storm and possibly hit your unit.


  • Since no one will be home during your travels, adjust the thermostat accordingly. If you adjust the settings on your thermostat to 80 or 90 degrees, it will save money and energy while you’re away during your vacation. Setting your temperature to this level will not turn your unit off. It will still run occasionally so that your home doesn’t become hot to a point that’s unbearable.


  • Before you leave for vacation, you may want to consider having an AC tune-up. A professional can come out and check your unit to make sure it’s running properly and that the lifetime of the unit is protected and maximized.

Call Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical to come out and perform a tune-up on your AC unit! We can also inspect your condenser and evaporator coils. Both require maintenance to ensure that your system is running efficiently. It will also help reduce the cost of your energy bills since your system will be running properly after our inspection and tune-up! We will also come out and check your insulation for any small holes or non-insulated walls.

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