Your furnace is one of the most important parts of your home and one of the most costly to repair. So what do you do when it appears to be broken?

If your furnace isn’t working, first try simply changing the filter. Often this is the issue. (This should be done at least once every few months– more often if you have allergies/asthma.)

You’ll also want to see if there is an indicator light on the furnace circuit board. If you see it and it is flashing, look for the chart that corresponds to it. This will tell you what is wrong.

Next, try cycling the power by turning the power off for five minutes and then turning it back on, either at the breaker or using the on-off switch on the furnace. This will reset the alarms in the system. You’ll turn the thermostat on and see if the system turns on. You’ll see the hot surface ignitor start to glow or hear the clicking of the spark ignitor. If the ignitor is not working, the gas valve will not stay open until your replace the ignitor.

Also, check that the gas did not accidentally get turned off.

Do not try to make any major repairs on your own, as this can void your warranty. Furthermore, it is always best to be on the safe side and call a professional if you are not comfortable with what you are doing.

You should already have a professional come twice a year to inspect and clean your HVAC system. Regular servicing will prevent the majority of problems from becoming huge!


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