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Whole House

Since 1967, Central Carolina Air Conditioning has been the leader in providing heating and air services in the Triad, and now we are stepping up that commitment again by introducing an industry first, Whole House Agreement.

Service Agreements aren't new in the heating and air industry.  What is new is a program that includes scheduled maintenance of your plumbing and electrical systems along with your heating and air. (Policy Assurance Agreement Required).  With the Whole House agreement from Central Carolina Air Conditioning Plumbing & Electrical, you have the peace of mind of knowing that the major systems in your home are regularly maintained and when you need us, "we've got you covered."






 It's easy to take comfort for granted.
Preventative Maintenance ensures your
system runs properly so you never sacrifice
what makes your house a home!

Scheduled inspection and maintenance can
help ensure your systems function worry
free throughout the North Carolina seasons.

A leaky toilet can waste over 73,000
gallons of water a year!  While some
plumbing issues are the result of
unforeseen circumstances, many problems
can be detected and in many cases

All Electrical equipment and wiring
deteriorates over time due to several factors
including excessive loading, aging,
corrosion and normal wear and tear.
Regular inspection of your home's
electrical equipment can help detect
problems before they threaten your family!