Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioner Installation Greensboro, High Point and the Piedmont Triad

AC Installation Services

As North Carolinians ourselves, we know that when an air conditioning system goes out, finding a quality replacement is serious business. Often, you’re faced with an unexpected expense and an uncomfortably warm home environment that pressures you to make quick decisions. Central Carolina Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical is a reliable, local AC installer that can help you make the right choice for your home and family. We’ll help you consider the expected life of the HVAC system, energy efficiency, warranties and maintenance costs so you can quickly, confidently and affordably cool your home.

Protecting Your HVAC Investment

Proper air conditioner installation and maintenance can make a huge difference in how long your AC system lasts and how well it performs. Our Comfort Plus Plan provides five years of coverage on all parts, plus free labor, diagnostics, refrigerant and seasonal preventive maintenance for your HVAC system. You can also choose to extend the Comfort Plus coverage for five additional years.

Why a Manufacturer’s Warranty May Not Be Enough:

All air conditioning equipment manufacturers’ extended parts warranties:

  • Require you to purchase seasonal preventive maintenance
  • Exclude condensate pumps, secondary drain pans, refrigerant, etc. and associated labor repair costs

Most manufacturers’ extended labor warranties require you to pay for diagnostics, labor to obtain parts, after hours calls and shipping costs.


Zone Assessment

Does your home currently have hot or cold spots when the air conditioner is running? We can review each zone and determine how to distribute air more evenly throughout the home.

Air Flow and Duct System Analysis

Many duct systems are improperly sized, have leaks or were poorly designed to save money when the home was built. Our Air Flow Specialists can evaluate your current duct system and provide recommendations to improve efficiency and comfort.

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