Understanding Inverter Technology

Heat pumps have been an efficient and versatile option to condition homes throughout North Carolina for many years. Now, thanks to inverter technology, they are even better.

What Is Inverter Technology?

In a traditional system, the equipment cycles on and off as needed to maintain the desired temperature. Each time the system cycles on to provide cooling or heating, the motor runs at full speed (100%).

In a system utilizing inverter technology, the temperature is maintained by adjusting the speed of the motor only what is required to efficiently condition the air. Instead of cycling on or off, the system analyzes the temperature and conditions and adjusts the speed of the motor (anywhere between 0% and 100%) to provide maximize efficiency and comfort.

Benefits Of Inverter Technology

Increased Consistency

Thanks to inverter technology, the heat pump can self-adjust and provide consistent room temperatures. (Compared to traditional systems that cycle on and off, resulting in temperature fluctuations throughout a home.)

Energy Efficiency

The system only uses the energy needed to produce the exact amount of hot or cool air required to reach the desired temperature, maximizing comfort and minimizing costs.

Reduced Wear And Tear

Inverter technology allows for a smooth ramp up operation, avoiding spikes in energy use, and unnecessary wear caused by the on and off cycling found with a traditional system.

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