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Improve Health And Wellness with Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Keep your family safe and healthy with proven indoor air quality solutions that can help improve air quality throughout your home.

Breathe cleaner air with an iWave maintenance free air purifier

One of the ways to help reduce the harmful contaminants in your air is to use the iWave ion generation technology. When air passes over the iWave device it uses their patented needlepoint bipolar ionization, or NPBI technology to create positive and negative ions. These ions break down the passing contaminates. For viruses or mold particles they remove the hydrogen molecules which ultimately kills the pathogen by removing the source of energy.

The best part about this technology is that it is maintenance free! Request more information below and one of our consultants will be in touch.

air purifier

uv air scrubber

Clean the air in your home with a UV Air Scrubber

Kill bacteria and viruses while reducing odors. Enjoy cleaner indoor air with UVPhotoMAX Signature Series.  Ultravation’s UVPhotoMax uses photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) to purify the air throughout your home. The air purifier is installed in your HVAC system and will provide purification for your whole home (Up to 5,000 square feet). Using germicidal UV light airborne viruses and bacteria are killed when they travel through your ductwork. Their ReFresh patented advanced oxidation system can also eliminate common odors.

Interested in getting an air scrubber installed to help start you on a journey to healthier air? Send us a message below to get started.

Whole Home Charged Media Filters

Another option for home indoor air quality improvement is a whole home media air cleaner. Essentially, this is an electrostatically charged filter that can capture both small and large airborne pollutants to MERV filtration standards. These high efficiency cleaners have the capacity to clean large amounts of air without noise or disruption to your day to day activities. These filters are easily attached to your home’s heating and cooling system.

The Air Bear filters have been proven 5-10 times more efficient that regular 1″ filters typically used in today’s homes. Ready to learn more? Let’s chat about your indoor air quality needs by submitting your information in the form below.

whole house filter

duct cleaning

Reduce a source of indoor air pollution with a professional duct cleaning

Make a healthy investment and let the trained professionals from Central Carolina Air Conditioning provide you with a quality duct cleaning. Dirt, dust and pollen are pulled into your duct system each time your system runs. These contaminants build up inside your duct system and can become a breeding ground for various microbes including bacteria, mildew and mold spores.  During our service, technicians will utilize a HEPA filtered duct cleaning machine with high pressure hoses to clean the duct system and each vent. Ready to clean out your duct system? Reach out to us below.

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