Water Heater Maintenance

Water heater manufacturers recommend yearly preventative maintenance to extend equipment life and minimize efficiency loss. Over time a water heater will start to collect sediment and other deposits in the bottom of the tank. This will all settle at the bottom of your tank and cause your heating element to work harder to heat the water.

Water Heater Maintenance Services

One of the services provided with a water heater maintenance from a professional service company is a water heater flush.

Flushing out the water heater will remove the sediment that has collected in the tank and help prevent additional damage.If the build up continues year after year, you can see sediment deposits from your faucets, or it could lead to loss of water pressure, a pipe burst, or the breakdown of the storage tank and water damage.

For tankless since there is nothing to flush it is even more critical to do a regular maintenance each year. Service companies will use a descaling solution to remove the build up inside the equipment.

In addition to the tank flush part of the water heater maintenance service this technician should also perform a temperature and pressure valve check of the equipment.

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